Putin was the moderate looking to negotiate. Kremlin Hawks now taking over.

Short.  Sharp.  Snappy.  When he’s on the money, Gonzalo, living in Kharkov, is maybe the best commentator currently.  Galloway interviewing here drags the best out of him.  In a few minutes he portrays the current situation in brilliant fashion.  Recommended.

(63) INTERVIEW: The #Russians need fewer troops to defend the new line on the #Dnieper says #GonzaloLira – YouTube


3 Responses to “Putin was the moderate looking to negotiate. Kremlin Hawks now taking over.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    As usual, an excellent analysis from Gonzalo. Pretty well all of what he says is well known here. Nevertheless he lays it all out most succinctly [maybe some very good editing judging by the minor jumps in the vid]

    Putin the restraining figure? Interesting comment, but surely impossible to know the detail within the Kremlin. But it does feel correct with what we do know, and how the SMO has been run so far

    “Gloves coming off” sounds right too. But, from the Russian point of view then, what is the rush? They have the whip hand now and can easily prolongue the agony. Which might make more sense if their de-nazification of Europe is their real goal

    I personally hope that the conflict ends quickly, it has already been too destructive

    Finally, I still find it a puzzle that Gonzalo has not been arrested by the Ukies though. Why wouldn’t they silence him? Anyone here got any ideas about why that is?

    ps. I’ve not seen Gorgeous George for ages! He’s an excellent speaker. I went to his local promo event for his film “The Killing of Tony Blair” some years back and I pinned him as some sort of agent as a result. Haid quite a few incidental but very dodgy things which conflicted with my state of awareness at that time. He crucified Tony Bliar though, which I really enjoyed

    • Tapestry says:

      Shrewd commentary on the commentators, Pete. Gonzalo was arrested as I’m sure you know and released after a few days. He seemed shaken from what he saw/heard but was untouched himself. But yes. It seems odd he can carry on unbothered by the kind of people that operate over there. Maybe he’s protected to some extent as he is known by millions in the US.

    • ian says:

      I totally agree on Galloway Pete. His Speech in the US congress re the Iraq accusations against him, was a masterclass in public speaking, but as you also say, he has some views which he defends fiercely, which are questionable. Perhaps to enable him to remain on TV.