Putin Russia to Achieve All Objectives, Lavrov Kiev Regime to Fall; Merkel Sorry No Minsk 3.0

Another extraordinarily interesting hour spent with Alexander.

The greater part of the programme is focused on Putin; his numerous meetings and what one can learn from them.

At about 20:00 Alexander begins discussing Putin’t televised meeting with the mothers of soldiers.

He first explains that no Russian leader before him has done this; that the fact that the fathers were not included would not surprise the Russians, who believe there is a strong connection between Russian mothers and sons. The mothers were chosen to represent all the ethnic groups within Russia, they were primarily working class as the intellectual class is not as patriotic,  there were included two mothers of soldiers who have died, and some of injured soldiers. Alexander’s description carries on in a most fascinating manner about what was discussed, how Putin managed it, and on and on. Quite spell-binding.

Alexander ends with insight into Angela Merkel, Macron and the EU as prompted by an article about Merkel in Der Spiegel. Again, information and insight which is simply unique.  He explains again how the west just does not understand Russia; this was shown in Syria, when they could not be bribed to give up on Assad, and in Ukraine, not to give up on Donbass. It leaves the west frustrated and bemused, even angry, (because for them it is all being bought off – what is your price ).

Alexander’s view is that we are in for a long haul; the Russian sentiment is ” to see this through”.  He thinks the meeting with the mothers will give the public even more trust in their leadership and Putin. And that this war has caused Russian society to coalesce.





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