Putin really hates cheap old cars

A headless dummy with no arms?

How far of are we supposed to think that head and arm is blown? No head, no arms, no blood. Amazing.

So yes, this is very strange damage for a rocket attack on a major city. The rockets managed to hit
nothing but a few cars? We have some burning cars and a couple of holes in the road that could
have been caused by dynamite.

Do you really think that an attack by Russia on Kiev would look like
this? Targeting a few cars? Because I guess Putin really hates cheap old cars.


TAP – when the damage done is actually serious, they are bound to run media reports making it look superficial I suppose.

The trains is Kiev are not running and there are powercuts.  Time to trot out some Hollywood versions of reality – same as every other day actually.

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One Response to “Putin really hates cheap old cars”

  1. raymond says:

    Miles Mathis did a very good piece on this particular fictional attack.
    But it does highlight the obvious, that grazing Sheeple have no way of determining real and honest information from Fake Garbage unless “we” guide them, just as the Shite Brigades are guiding them but down and not “up” .