Psychiatry is fiction, It’s only about power and control ~ Mental disease is a social construct

This is solid GOLD. Everyone needs to hear this.
It’ll most certainly give you a SHARP new understanding of the true nature of psychiatry and what it’s true purpose really is

— This sneaky deception, this so-called science (psychiatry) that has nothing to do with science or disease or mental “health and illnesses” It’s a trap!
PSYCHO – EYE – TREE (PSYCHIATRY) See? The SPELL – ING already told you what this was! Right in your face!
(What does PSYCH mean? What does EYE refer to? Do TREES produce things?)
This gentleman absolutely NAILS IT
footage found on badattitude10
Source: MithChronicler:
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WTH is going on? He turns to the right, looks up and raises his arm before falling over dead

They have been and are killing people in care homes and hospitals – this is how they do it

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