Princess Diana disclosed shocking secret of King Charles to Prince William, Harry

Princess Diana allegedly told her sons Prince William and Harry that King Charles cheated on her with men

By Web Desk
November 19, 2022



Princess Diana had reported disclosed shocking secrets of King Charles to their sons Prince William and Harry.

According to Globe Magazine, per International Business Times, Princess Diana had allegedly told William and Harry that King Charles cheated on her with men.

A palace insider told the publication, “Charles has been haunted for years by [a] talk he’s gay or bisexual, but this explosive portfolio has rocked the monarchy to its foundation. Anti-royalists apparently leaked it to members of the British Parliament to bolster their campaign to abolish the monarchy!”

An explosive MI5 dossier also confirms Diana’s bombshell claim that King Charles admitted to her he preferred men, the IBT report claims.

The report cited the source further claiming, “I understand she told her sons she was divorcing Charles because he admitted he cheated on her with other men!”


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