Pre-Election Rundown

Let’s go over the political landscape as we head into the election tomorrow. Where we stand, what possible scenarios to expect, public perception, current events, and more.

For starters, we must address Elon and his endorsement of GOP candidates today. Like him or not, he is without a doubt the most influential man on the planet at the moment. His endorsement of the GOP went to his 114 million followers and made every outlet’s front page, in either elation or disgust.

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Elon’s endorsement will have significant impact at the polls. His endorsement comes off as more of a denouncement of the DNC, which I actually like better because it resonates with the centrist perspective, as many feel more abandoned by the DNC than they are pro-Trump. But if it secures Red votes, that’s all that matters.

Elon is targeting the centrists, independents, undecideds, fence sitters; the people who can be convinced to change their votes before tomorrow. Elon resonates with this centrist demographic, and he just convinced millions of them to vote GOP.

We cannot overstate the impact this will have at the polls. This endorsement has given rise to even more confidence of a Red Wave from both the Conservative and Liberal media. The polls, the narrative, the overall expectation is a massive Red Wave.

The Left-wing media have already begun establishing the narrative that our elections are insecure, and are laying the groundwork to deny the results of a coming Red Wave. They are already accusing Elon of election interference. The jaw-dropping hypocrisy about to be put on display by the Left, is going to wake up some Deep Sleepers who see the quick turnaround in narrative by the DNC. The Left banned all talk of election fraud, demonizing “election deniers” as conspiracy theorists and whack jobs, only to turn around and deny 2022. The stage is being set nicely for us to awake some sheep in the coming years.

Projections have the GOP winning the House and securing at least 50 seats in the Senate, as well as gaining some Governorships in battleground states. These are very low projections for the GOP. They will likely be higher. The projected floor would be majorities in the House and Senate. Ceiling projections could see a significant majority in the House, and 54 seats would be around the ceiling for the Senate, and there will likely be be 30+ Republican governors as well.

Now, this is all assuming the Deep State are unable to cheat their way out of this looming Red Wave like they did in 2020. Given the lack of widespread mail-in ballots, they will have to be extremely precise with their excess ballot allocation, and I don’t think under their current formula (exposed by 2000 Mules), that they will be able to keep pace. They might be able to steal one or two, but it’s not looking good for them.

However, we must prepare for all contingencies. We have to widely report on any evidence of voter fraud should it occur. Twitter is no longer banning people for election denial, so the liberal echo chambers are going to be fair game. We have to have as many eyes on and do our part to monitor the elections and report on any malfeasance.

The most important election is the Arizona Gubernatorial race with Kari Lake. As the Left put it, this is “ground zero for election denial”. Kari Lake is the tip of the spear when it comes to proving voter fraud occurred in 2020, and she poses a far more significant threat to the DNC than any other candidate. If there is going to be a race to steal, it’s this one.

Kari Lake also represents America’s pulse on voter fraud in 2020. If Kari Lake and all these other “election denying” America First candidates win in convincing fashion, this would mean the public stand with Trump and do not buy the media narrative that voter fraud is a myth. Races like Kari Lake are a litmus test for public awakening.

In conclusion, if we show up and vote, we will overwhelm the system and the voter fraud mechanisms in place will not be able to keep pace with the backlash for the DNC policies that destroyed what used to be the country the greatest on Earth.

Patriots, it’s time to take our country back. Let’s ride.




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