Poland Duda, missile accident. Elenksy, we must act now. Trump 2024. Xi Jinping schools Trudeau. U/1

Missile a “technical glitch”‘; Scholz to Erdogan; can’t admit Ukraine air defence not working; collective west “giddy” at prospect of a trigger for war, reason to invoke Article 5. Estonia jumped right in.

Lesson from all this: collective west are major war mongers. More serious events in the past have not been responded to in this way.

Will use this to leverage their position; get more  Nato troops into Ukraine.

Photo of G7+ at the G20, showing their resolve; Biden, chief lieutenant flanked by Trudeau and Sunak; Poland now calling it an accident.

Trudeau gets called out by Xi for leaking a private conversation ( incorrectly) to the press. Short twitter video.