“Place not thy trust in princes” Irish Savant.

November 4, 202213 Comments

This admonition from the Book Of Psalms still applies today. History shows us that throwing everything behind a leader, a single man, has been the ruination of many a potentially great movement. Common sense should also tell us the same thing. Because every human is fallible and unlikely to resist the temptations of power should that be achieved. I raise this because many on ‘our side’ – the side of Truth and Justice! – have thrown everything behind a pair of unlikely saviours, Kanye West (Ye) and Elon Musk. Ye because of his calling out Jewish power and Musk for his takeover of Twitter in the interests of free speech. For instance Andrew Anglin has prostrated himself before Ye, describing him as “our new Leader” and vast numbers of us expect Musk to usher in a new era of freedom on Twitter.

Let us hope and pray that Ye and Musk do fulfil that potential. But I doubt that they can or will. Ye has been incredibly brave, doing what he’s done in the full knowledge of his enemies’ power and unscrupulousness. Even after they destroyed his livelihood (thereby proving the very point he was making) he doubled down and held his ground. Unlike so many other flash-in-the-pan would-be heroes. But he’s being ground down, day by day, and soon – I fear – his rebellion will be forgotten like that of the Spartan Helots. In any event while there’s no gainsaying his courage and gift for publicity, Ye can hardly be described as a model of consistency. Would anybody be surprised were he to perform another radical turnaround and embrace a totally different cause at some future time? Probably not and hopefully not. But he’s not the leader I’d put my life on the line for.

Musk is on an entirely different level to West both intellectually and financially but even were he the genuine protector of free speech that he claims to be (somewhat unlikely in my book) he too suffers from severe limitations as a potential leader of our cause. For a start he has too many irons in the fire and leading a political/social movement would at best represent a temporary and/or part-time commitment. It’s also vital to understand what he can not do, even with Twitter. Wealthy and powerful as he might be his enemies are more so by many orders of magnitude. Jewish power will ensure that the full weight of corporate media, the political establishment and the banking sector will be weaponised against him. Advertisers will be bullied into dropping the platform (it’s already happening) while Musk’s other enterprises, especially those dependent on Government largesse, will suffer shock and awe financial bombing. And of course he knows that the banking cartel will subvert any future initiatives he might undertake. And speaking of leaders likely to throw their people under the bus let me add that Trump will not be returning to Twitter, both for the foregoing reasons but also due to the sunk cost that he has invested in his own SM platform. He has hired staff and brought in some major investors, all of whom know that should he move to Twitter TRUTH Social is dead in the water. Whatever we might think of him he cannot and will not do that.

So yes, placing our trust in princes is generally to be avoided. If we are to do so we need a lot better than the gentlemen under discussion.