Patrick Henningsen – Psephological Analysis – US Midterms Today / UKColumn

– Psephological analysis for 8 November
– ABC News: Biden warns democracy is “under attack” from “election deniers”; seeks to split Republicans into RINO and MAGA clans
– Axios: Early voting to be a record high
– Video from Arizona: Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake says she isn’t suicidal
– Obama campaigns in Arizona and angrily says democracy can’t work with wrongthinkers in office
– 21st Century Wire: New poll: voters expect Republicans to impeach Biden—Republicans far more excited
– CNN’s The Point: Five very scary numbers for Democrats—finally some realistic reporting from CNN on the eve of the elections
– PBS reported in April that independent voters would swing the elections—unprecedented polarisation
– Video: Biden says it is going to take days to count ballots (for unaccountable reasons)
– Open talk among Democrats of dumping Biden and Harris mid-term if Republicans take Senate
– Video: Trump heavily hints that he will be a presidential candidate in 2024

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