Outside Looking in

1. A top level professional cyclist called Sonny Colbrelli has been forced to retire at the age of 32 because he needed to have a defibrillator fitted. The Italian cyclist collapsed with unstable cardiac arrhythmia after a stage of a race last spring. I have no idea whether or not he was jabbed with the covid-19 jab. He is not, of course, the only professional sportsman to have suddenly developed unexpected heart trouble. The media will doubtless find all sorts of explanations for this epidemic. The one certainty is that they will not even consider the possibility that any of these sportsmen could have possibly been damaged by the covid-19 jab.

2. Censorship and the banning of the truth is a global problem (led, of course, by evil people like the censors at YouTube and Facebook). In Canada, a new Trudeau Bill will regulate content that people can read. It’s book burning for the 21st century. And far, far away in New Zealand they’re introducing new legislation to target hate speech. What do they mean? They mean banning what they call ‘disinformation’. And that’s what we used to call `truth’. Ireland is introducing `hate speech laws’ too. What a coincidence this is. You’d almost imagine there might be some Mr Big behind all this. And in the USA, the `much loved’ Department of Homeland Security is beefing up its efforts to combat truth-telling (though they call it misinformation as well, of course). The whole world is, it seems, busy burning books. It’s a pandemic of truth suppression.

3. In the 14th century, the Black Death killed half of the UK population. In contrast, the total number of deaths in 2020 was similar to normal.

4. Mark Lawrenson, a football pundit, claims he was culled by the BBC because he is 65 and a white male. White males are having a hard time finding work these days. I feel particularly sorry for white male models of any age. Most advertisers now seem to prefer to run photographs of black men with blonde, white women. I have no idea why. Incidentally, the BBC rightly protests when black people or Muslims are subjected to hatred. But the BBC attacks and sneers at doctors telling the truth about vaccines. And refuses to allow us to defend ourselves. As far as I am concerned the BBC is worse than any racist bully. Suppressing the truth and spreading misinformation (as the BBC has done) is affecting millions of lives.

5. It is good news that transportation to Australia is being revived and that Matt Midazolam Hancock is the first modern deportee. I suggest we send the entire Cabinet on the next boat. Sunak should go first. A few months ago, when desperate for the job as Schwab’s man in Number Ten, the digital man promised to scrap VAT on energy bills, lower the basic rate of income tax by 4%, place a cap on the number of refugees, eliminate hospital waiting times by 2024, ban strikes in essential services, stop solar panels on farmland and block smart motorways. What’s the betting he does none of those things? Sunak was a disaster before he wasn’t elected Prime Minister and he is disaster now that he hasn’t been elected Prime Minister. No one wants him and he is unelectable. (Mind you, Starmer and Co are no better.)

6. I’m worried that Antoinette is becoming obsessed with modern technology. She told me today that she intends to look at her emails every day now (though I suspect that this is only because she wants to know when the supermarket opens its Christmas delivery slots.) Every day! Who in the world looks at emails as often as once a day? Do people really do that?

7. The weather doomsters have so enjoyed naming breezes and showers that it has been decided that in future every raindrop and snowflake will have its own name. Listening to the global warming cultists, and taking any notice of what they say, is as sensible as hiring the McCanns as babysitters. Oh, and the UK is flooded but it is apparently the wrong sort of water and so the drought continues. Will the excitement never end?

8. The 2021 census shows there are now 10 million people living in England and Wales who were born outside the UK – that is one in six of the population. Most of the immigrants are youngsters and I’ll take a wild guess that they are probably not major taxpayers. The number of Romanians has gone up by 576% since the last census. The numbers will have grown since 2021, of course, and help why England (which was already the most over-crowded country in the world) now feels even more over-crowded. The huge explosion in the population explains why the infrastructure cannot cope. All of this is no accident. It’s all part of the conspirators’ plan to eradicate national history and culture. Aren’t the evil ones doing well?

9. The BBC allows people on its programmes every day knowing that they will tell lies. (I’m talking about politicians among others.) But the BBC will not allow people on its programmes when it fears they may tell truths about vaccines or climate change. And so the BBC has again been awarded the coveted Joseph Goebbels Award for `Providing Sustained Propaganda and Misinformation to the General Public’. A BBC person said that the Corporation was deeply honoured by the award which the staff believed was well-deserved. The latest viewing figures show that the BBC’s various TV channels had a combined total of 37 viewers last month. This was a notable rise on the previous month’s figures which showed a combined total of 36 viewers.

10. Governments are installing defibrillators everywhere. They’re putting them in schools. They’re putting them in public buildings. They’re fixing them in office blocks and shopping malls. And they’re attaching them to the wall in your High Street. What’s going on? Does your government suddenly care about you? Do they want to save your life? No, of course not. They’re putting defibrillators up all over the place to try to convince the idiots that they’re cared for and are being looked after. They’re trying to `normalise’ heart attacks among previously healthy 16-year-olds. They want the idiots to believe that it is normal for previously fit and strong young adults to drop down with heart attacks. And they’re not worried that too many lives are going to be saved because they know damn well that the chance that anyone passing by will be able to use a defibrillator is slim. And the chance of their being able to use it effectively is pretty well non- existent. Back in December 2020 I warned that the mRNA covid jabs could cause a huge number of serious adverse events – including myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes. Maybe one day the mainstream media will recognise that as the truth.

11. Is it any exaggeration to suspect that if Fagin and Shylock were alive today they’d both be successful bankers, hedge fund managers or currency speculators? Bankers etc., no longer seem to have any morality or sense of responsibility.

12. If a doctor recommends a PCR test for covid-19 you should report her or him to the General Medical Council (details easily found on the web) because she or he is ignorant, dangerous and incompetent. The PCR test is useless and potentially dangerous. The same thing goes for nurses – except that you should report them to the General Nursing Council. Hospital staff who ask patients and visitors to wear masks are similarly exhibiting appalling ignorance since masks do more harm than good. Mask wearing is dangerous and pointless.

13. There are demands for an extra bank holiday for the coronation – even though the coronation is on a Saturday. What next? A special day off for everyone the next time that Meghan and her husband deign to visit Britain?

14. It is apparently considered unacceptably racist to use the phrase `White Lives Matter’. I have no idea why. I’m an animal lover and a campaigner for animal rights. I want to stop all shooting and hunting and vivisection and campaign against the sadistic super-psychopaths who like killing squirrels. Would it be acceptable, do you think, to promote the slogan `Furry Lives Matter’?

15. Just an idle thought: how enthusiastic will Muslim voters be about a Hindu Prime Minister? Just curious.

16. Absinthe makes the heart beat faster.

17. I took some cash out of my bank account. `What’s it for?’ demanded the teller. `Sweets’,’ I replied. She wrote down `sweets’ on the form she had to complete.

18. Left wing nutters have been brainwashed to be obsessed with the past. The conspirators brainwashed the teachers and the teachers brainwashed the kids who have grown up to be ashamed of their history and their culture (when it involves white people). They are desperate to destroy the past in order to bring in the Great Reset.

19. Astonishingly, 300,000 doctors are registered in Britain. I cannot begin to tell how much I am filled with contempt and loathing for the 299,900 doctors who have not spoken out against the covid-19 fraud and who are willing to poison their patients for money and who are either clinically insane or just plain greedy and crooked. Some of these cryptorchid maniacs won’t admit they were wrong about the damned jabs because of embarrassment, shame, legal fears and misplaced professional pride. They simply did what they were told to do by the Government’s advisors, by the media, by the drug companies and by the establishment without asking questions. They know damned well that the entire medical establishment long ago swore allegiance to the pharmaceutical industry. These are medical practitioners in the Mengele tradition: angels of death, one and all. No one has the faintest idea what damage will be done. But the drug companies will make billions. And GPs will make so much money that they’ll spend even less time looking after patients who are ill. Thousands of British GPs made £50,000 to £100,000 each from the jabs last year – and they didn’t even have to do the jabbing because nurses did that. My bet is that they’ll make another £100,000 this year. No wonder they no longer want to do any work. Inexcusably, the average GP in Britain now works a 26 hour week.

20. If you want to know the awful, terrifying truth about how the EU was created, please read my book `The Shocking History of the EU’. It is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. (And a big thank you to everyone who buys my books. You will have noticed there are no ads and no sponsors on my videos or websites. And no paywalls. Everything is free but running websites costs more than you might think. And it’s now too cold to expect one candle to keep us warm.)

21. I have removed from my websites a recent interview which I did with Patrick Henningsen for TNT. The interview has somehow lost 17 minutes and the recording is therefore an incomplete record of what was said.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2022


5 Responses to “Outside Looking in”

  1. raymond says:

    We need a wider awareness of the Bradford Hill criteria for providing epidemiologic evidence of causal relationships between a presumed cause and observed effect.
    This insistence that correlation never proves causation is a leftover from the stone age.

  2. Weaver says:

    I agree Raymond they must all be wearing Blinkers.

  3. ian says:

    I was at the Doc’s last week, first time for ages. Masks still worn by staff. I declined the offer. Kind of proud of myself, I said I didn’t wear masks. The Doc’, a reject from somewhere no doubt, as they can’t recruit them here, was old, and masked to the pupils of the eyes. I felt that I was strongly disliked by her, possibly for my rebellious nature, possibly because she resented the fact that I was so physically attractive, nah it would be the rebellious thing.

    Ten years training, best part of £100,000 per annum for a 25 hour week. Now let me see. Do I “A “, just I carry on and plead ignorance, or “B” do I expose the government, lose my licence to practice, and get vilified in the media. Possibly ending up out of my home as I can’t pay the mortgage. Let me think.

    • Weaver says:

      I agree Ian I always have this posturing stance when I take my mother to her hospital appointments. They thrust a mask at you even when you are saying no, but the benefit of not wearing one is you skip the queue. I think the hospital staff feels you are going to kill someone without a mask on.

  4. ian says:

    I do like Vernon, but now he’s attacking shooting too. If he starts attacking mole catchers, we’re history.