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2 Responses to “Nurse blows whistle: C19 shots and spike in baby issues; refuses to inject poison, fears retaliation.”

  1. ian says:

    The lady states what should be obvious to everyone, but has only recently become obvious to her, even though it’s been going two years. To be fair to her, and she deserves credit, vaccinating babies may be a very recent development, I’m not too sure especially in the US. But whatever, it’s certainly the right decision. It just troubles me, that there’s such a distinction between babies and say 30 year olds. Was it ok to inject them?

  2. Belyi says:

    The CV jab aside, no babies or children should be vaccinated with anything while their immune systems are still forming. In the US children are supposed to have around 70 vaxes before the age of 18.

    What a coincidence that the numbers of sick children there are through the roof, way ahead of other developed countries which have a more relaxed attitude..