No Heroes, Plenty of Villains

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Independent on Sunday newspaper described Vernon Coleman as: `A Superstar’.

1. Both readers of The Guardian have said that they intend to stop buying the paper because it is full of rubbish. However, the paper will continue to be printed so that it can be used for lining cat litter trays and budgie cages.

2. Clausewitz recommended total war – including psychological warfare and brainwashing. The conspirators have been fighting total war for a decade – long before the fake pandemic was launched in 2020. To win the war we have to fight back with the same techniques. We are being defeated not so much by the conspirators as by their stooges – the collaborators.

3. I feel sorry for staff in restaurants and cafes. With the collaborators all paying for their coffees with their wretched plastic cards the staff don’t receive any tips. That, of course, is part of the plan. To demoralise staff, destroy service industries and remove any delights from life.

4. The online abuse of black footballers is rightly taken seriously by the authorities. Why do the same authorities never take seriously the online abuse of doctors and scientists? Indeed, why do those same authorities support and help pay for the online abuse of doctors and scientists? (That is a rhetorical question, by the way.)

5. The conspirators’ plan is to kill hundreds of millions of Asians and Africans before they start eating hamburgers and buying motor cars. Both activities will use up much of the world’s diminishing supply of oil – which is required for fuelling the super yachts owned by the conspirators.

6. YouTube staff have decided that they know more about covid-19 and vaccination than eminent doctors and scientists. Here’s a challenge for these arrogant, conceited and dangerous morons: I will debate these topics with the entire staff of YouTube. We just have to find a studio big enough.

7. Mr Meghan, the King of Whinge, has a new book out soon called The Spare – a title which tells us everything. There is no need to read the book. (I wonder if Mr Meghan has read it. Will anyone? I’m afraid I doubt if it will sell enough to cover the advance. All those trees cut down for no good reason.) Instead of finding joy in being born privileged and rich, the King of Whinge seems to moan about not being born more privileged and richer. And as the author of the first book on stress (`Stress Control’ 1977) I would like to know why the Spare considers himself qualified to speak about mental illness. I fear the sense of entitlement and the micro-aggression which he seems to promote cause massive amounts of frustration, anxiety and dissatisfaction.

8. I read an article in The Telegraph the other day in which a journalist seemed to express the view that ventilators, masks, covid-19 jabs and the lockdown saved lives during the fearful faux pandemic of whenever it was supposed to happen. Trying to share the truth is exhausting when journalists still appear to believe this stuff. A recent survey showed that over 50% of the population believe that everyone should wear masks on public transport. Anyone who wears a mask to protect themselves against the flu is too stupid to be allowed out alone.

9. The global warming nutters are apparently having another shindig. This will give the usual 20,000 people a chance to fly around the world to tell the rest of us why we shouldn’t fly to Spain or France. What a total waste of time and money. I’m not surprised His Royal Hypocrite wants to go. Global warming campaigners (I’m never sure whether they want more of it or less) are apparently being paid to disrupt, destroy, irritate, inconvenience, delay and even kill innocent citizens with their sanctimonious, self-righteous advocacy of a cause which has as much scientific value as the belief that the earth is flat, that there are no germs or infectious diseases and the oil isn’t running out because a barrelful of the stuff can be made on the kitchen table with a tin of treacle, two eggs and a pint of water. The climate nutters are (again) promoting hydrogen as the saviour of mankind. What a pity it is that you need huge amounts of fossil fuel to make half a cupful of the stuff.

10. A left wing pressure group recently discussed `what kind of world Twitter wants to shape’. That’s the problem, you see. They think that Twitter is entitled to shape the world.

11. The BBC has set itself up as a fact checker. That’s the funniest thing the BBC has given us for decades.

12. The European Central Bank is printing money again. They obviously don’t think inflation in the EU is high enough. And have you noticed how the Italian Government is described as `extreme right wing’ simply because it isn’t run by communists?

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2022

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