New Yorkers want THOUSANDS of 5G towers in the city to be gone for being “unsightly,” oblivious to their real purpose

Arsenio Toledo – Natural News Nov 27, 2022

In New York City, particularly in the borough of Brooklyn, city residents are suddenly seeing thousands of giant 5G towers being erected all over their neighborhoods. These residents want the towers gone because of their appearance and how they might affect property values.

The gray, 32-feet-tall 5G towers began appearing all over the city almost overnight as part of LinkNYC, an ongoing project started by former Mayor Bill de Blasio to replace the city’s payphones with free WiFi kiosks. The latest step of this project involves replacing some of those kiosks with next-generation 5G towers known as “NYC Link5G.”

The city plans to construct at least 2,500 of these towers all over the city, mostly in areas where cell service is considered relatively weaker, with the goal of eventually eliminating these so-called “internet deserts.” (Related: Alex Jones: People living close to 5G kill grids are going to DIE from cancer.)

The towers were installed as part of LinkNYC, a project by former Mayor Bill de Blasio to replace the city’s payphones with free WiFi kiosks. The 5G towers are touted as being the next-generation model of the kiosks, known as “NYC Link5G.”

The 5G towers that have come online are offering city residents free public WiFi, much like the former Link NYC WiFi kiosks. The poles also come with keypads, speakers and audio jacks for people to make calls with, along with USB ports to charge devices and a 911 call button for emergencies.

Most New Yorkers that have spoken with mainstream media outlets seem to be unaware of the health dangers associated with living close to 5G towers, and have instead lambasted the city because the towers are “imposing eyesores.”

“It’s extremely huge,” said Marion Little, the owner of a hardware store in Brooklyn, who is also concerned about how the towers will affect nearby residential property values. “A lot of people call me, email me, text me like ‘What is that? What’s going on?’ And I have no answer.”

“When I saw how huge it was, and this monstrosity of an installation, I said, ‘What is that?’ No one came to us to ask if we wanted it, if we were concerned,” said Hon. Renee Collymore of the Vanderbilt Block Association over in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene.

Some New Yorkers actually worried about their safety

In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Gus Rosendale of NBC New York was able to interview some New Yorkers who were actually worried about their safety and their health.

In one apartment building on East 90th Street, neighbors organized a petition to get the tower moved far away from them.

“We have a five-month-old baby who sleeps right here, 10 feet away from it,” said Joe Formica, who is very concerned about the health risks a close tower could have on his child. “We haven’t been given information. Just went up. We are right there, definitely a concern.”

“They were supposed to change a light bulb and they changed this,” said Virginie Glaenzer of the Yorkville neighborhood. “Once this enormous, threatening box was installed, the world was flipped upside down.”

Learn more about the dangers related to living close to 5G towers at

Watch this clip from InfoWars discussing how 5G grids are spreading across the globe at a very alarming rate.



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