Nato Foreign Ministers Meeting in Bucharest minus Lavrov; Starlink + US Gov’t.

Bloomberg – Ukraine can join NATO ‘in principle’ but not now; EU countries divided; some wish to avoid war with Russia, even Duda ( prank call ) of Poland; watered down statement likely to result. Will balance out with more money.

Starlink – now  weapon of war, run by Pentagon. Price increases will be subsidised by US, UK, and Poland. All Musk’s business connected to gov’t, a symbiotic relationship. Will be tool of the Pentagon  and regime change/colour revolutions.

Oligarchs buy for political cover and bargaining.( football clubs, media, TV stations). They are money losers, but create followers )  Musk part of the game now; will be helping stage global conflicts.

Foreign Policy magazine also suggesting Biden White House back away from Ukraine before another Afghan debacle occurs. Declare victory and leave. Dump Ukraine on the EU. Move on to next regime change.

Patriot Missiles to be sent to Ukraine?

Z in video: 2030 World Fair to be held in Odessa. Needs one trillion dollars.