Multiple Attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure today – details of cities affected

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Seems the old Soviet 750 kV “supergrid” was attacked. It’s also the link to Hungary, Poland and Romania. “Massive missile attack of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukraine: what is known at 16:00(Moscow Time)
In the afternoon, the RF Armed Forces again launched a series of strikes on targets on Ukrainian territory. The targets were once again elements of the country’s energy infrastructure.
đź”»Kiev: a series of arrivals and explosions. TETs-5 in Vydubychi and TETs-6, which were already the target of attacks in October, were preliminarily hit. In the left-bank part of the city, power outages began, water supply was completely lost, and the metro stopped working.
đź”»Nikolaev: explosions in the city, the city is de-energized. Local resources reported problems at the South Ukrainian NPP and an emergency shutdown of power units, which indirectly indicates the defeat of the 750 kV substation.
đź”»Odessa: explosions in Belyavsky district, power supply was lost throughout the region.
đź”»Dnepropetrovsk: arrivals in the vicinity of the city and in Krivoy Rog, problems with light in the region.
đź”»Zaporozhye: explosions near Volnyansk, where the Zaporizhzhya-750 substation is located. Power outages in the area.
đź”»Kirovograd: arrival near the dam in Svetlovodsk.
đź”»Vinnitsa: arrivals at the Ladyzhynska TPP, which was previously the target of Russian strikes. Power was also lost in the Lvov, Rivne and Volyn regions in western Ukraine, as well as in Kharkiv, Sumy, Zhytomyr, Poltava and Chernihiv.
Long-term emergency power outages began across the country. The impact of today’s raid demonstrates the cumulative effect of past Russian raids, with each successive missile strike causing a greater reduction in the resilience of the Ukrainian energy system.
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