More Perspective on US/ European Relations from Col Macgregor

15 November 2022


Interview with Professor Glenn Diesen (University of South-Eastern Norway – USN), recorded the day before publishing.

Another informative and interesting interview with Col Macgregor with considerable focus on European relations both current and historical.There is always something to learn from him.

He points out that the US is like Britain in that it is primarily a naval/aerospace nation, unlike European nations. That most Americans have no interest in other countries until it actually impacts on them personally. That NATO does not have the forces to conduct a ground war with Russia.  Nato is meant to be defensive, not offensive; that many Americans have no idea what NATO actually is, and certainly no idea what the implications of Article 5 are.

As this intervciewer is Norwegian, he discusses how it is not to the advantage of Norway to see Russia as an enemy. It was not clear how the interviewer responded to this.

Also that Germans  may be waking up to the situation they are in by kowtowing to the US.

Col Macgregor speaks of his contacts in many parts of the world due to his previous experience; he is hearing from Europeans about the circumstances there, for instance, people who are very frank with him.

This man is such a valuable and interesting voice, but how many westerners are able to hear him?