Midterm escalation. Elensky wants G20 win. Pirates hit China & Kolomoysky. Penn gives up Oscar.

Alex views the outcome of the midterm elections as indicating full speed ahead for the neo-cons. Expect much of the same going forward; buckle up.

Z read his script from Sullivan; only change is he will agree to speak with Putin; otherwise all conditions remain the same. This means resolution will only come through military or economic means .

Z wants a victory in Kherson by the 15th – G20 conference. Launched an offensive today but it was a failure.

Z has nationalised all Ukrainian private industry, including that of Kolomoysky, the billionaire who created him; created his TV show, his political party, and probably expected to pull Z’s strings until the US came along and told him that is their prerogative. Billionaires don’t like to be double crossed.

Chinese are very unhappy; speak of the shameless behaviour.

Macron hypocritically approaching Maduro after supporting Guido.