Meloni agrees with Putin, slams Macron. Elensky, Russia offered short truce. Sunak visits Kiev. U/1

Meloni speaking about the reasons for and problems of immigration. Exploitation  of countries and resources.

Elensky creating stories?

As soon as Elensky gets into trouble, it falls to the British Prime Minister to come to the rescue; thus, Sunak’s sudden visit to Kiev.

Alex spends some time discussing how apparent it is to him that Britain has been tasked with pushing the escalation of the war and prodding Elensky in that direction. Whenever Z is in trouble, send the British PM. Shows which country is running the war monger escalation in Ukraine. UK deep state are the handlers of Z. The go betweens. Sunak shown himself to be a puppet. Sunak will be a victim of the Z curse. Will be given a promotion.

Clown world from Japan: Governor of Tokyo; wear turtle necks to overcome winter energy crisis. Following Macron.