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– Richard D. Hall maligning by BBC: The UK terror survivors tracked down by ‘disaster trolls’ penned by Marianna Spring
– Vanessa Beeley analysis: Richard D. Hall instrumentalised to push through British state crackdown
– BBC is fighting back precisely because it grudgingly accepts that through our work, new media have acquired influence
– Connection to Alex Jones case: “abuse of victims” trope brings us back to “online harms” talking point
– Marianna Spring carefully writes that Richard Hall “inspires” others and thus “echoes” Alex Jones
– The King’s College London node of antidisinformationism
– Vanessa Beeley commentary: Consistent drive to discredit those undermining the UK Government’s role in destabilising Syria
– Always supposedly the truth (with definite article) that is under attack
– Who is Prof. Bobby Duffy, Director of The Policy Institute at King’s? Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute; was Blair’s man at Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit; seems very well connected to British government circles
– Reclaim The Net: Facebook to censor climate facts
– Vast majority of the public accept the reality of terrorist attacks in the UK — but notable minorities say they struggle to know the truth
– That wording reveals that growing numbers refuse to believe the government line on virtually anything
– Vanessa Beeley analysis: Who are the sceptics in Britain? The politically disengaged; more generally, those who get their news from social media
– Demonisation of Telegram a symptom of our being corralled into ever narrower forums where subjects can be discussed freely
– Vanessa Beeley commentary: Climate hysteria now key to narrative because it is primed to replace the flunked two-year-long Covid narrative
– Upshot: Social media being blamed for public distrust in systematically-lying government
– 37% now believe there is a deep state
– 34% say the pandemic has made them more suspicious of official explanations of terror attacks — a statistic that can be read in many ways
– Demographic differences between the groups: a nod to the “white nationalists” scapegoat of convenience
– Twitter: a train wreck of a company
– New owner Elon Musk foresees bankruptcy unless many are laid off from Twitter
– Analysis: This reveals that Twitter has effectively been a heavily-subsidised, loss-leading political project for years; massive censorship farm, digital public square, honeypot operation
– Even Tucker Carlson has been “fact-checked” for his reporting on the Arizona election
– Twitter proven multiple times to have been working directly with government agencies
– Patrick Henningsen commentary: If Musk manages to turn it around, Twitter can certainly become a multi-trillion-dollar company
– Musk’s ultimate goal is reflotation, not free speech
https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-11th-november-2022 (extract)