Kiev Mayor tells Residents: Evacuate Yourselves

Itapirkanmaa236 minutes ago
“Evacuate yourselves!” Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko falls short of calling for the evacuation of Kiev – saying that it is better for the people of Kiev to leave the city on their own. Even in the event of a total blackout, Klitschko will not call for an evacuation but civilians should self-evacuate to their own pre-designated locations, i.e. friends in the suburbs.
This is aimed at reducing international alarm and also reducing any expenditures and emergency assistance the city might have otherwise been required to extend to evacuating civilians.
Answering journalists’ questions against the backdrop of an increasingly worsening situation with the energy supply of the Ukrainian capital, he stressed that the city would not organize an evacuation.
“In the event of a complete blackout, if the systems of heat, water and electricity supply are destroyed, it will be nice if everyone has agreements in the suburbs of Kyiv with friends. Scenarios will be calculated to spend time there.”
“Evacuation is not provided. And anyway, where to evacuate everyone? But if we can find more suitable places to spend some time, that’s another matter,” he concluded.
Therefore, the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves, in the case of Kyiv, freezing and sitting without light and communication. All that the Ukrainians are offered by the authorities is to bask for a short time in the so-called points of nezlamnosti (points of indestructibility – in Ukrainian).
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