John Mark Dougan – I’m so PROUD of my new COUNTRY.

5,096 views • 3 Nov 2022

Guys, I can’t be more proud of my new country. It will be the country, the last salvation of righteousness on this earth. A landmass so vast it’s hard to wrap your head around, spanning over 11 time zones and 2 continents, filled with otherworldly landscapes, countless discrete cultures and crowded cities with rather turbulent histories.

On the one side, this film shows a slice of this relentless diversity of a place rarely visited by tourists – and on the other, it is an exploration of all the different lenses, viewpoints and expectations one can apply in a travel film about a mysterious country riddled with stereotypes.

To learn more, visit:… For this film, they teamed up with friends Maximilian Neumeier and Tim Höddinghaus. The 3 went on a total of 4 trips, each spanning over roughly 10 days, which brought them to 6 distinct locations in 3 different seasons: Moscow in spring, Kamchatka in fall, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Salekhard and Lake Baikal in Winter. This project could have never been realized without the help of the production company 27km, our local guides Andrey Manirko, Vadim Makhorov and the countless other people who helped on-location in Russia and in postproduction back in Germany. It has been a very long journey and we are forever grateful.


One Response to “John Mark Dougan – I’m so PROUD of my new COUNTRY.”

  1. Belyi says:

    Wonderful and it brings to mind the quote (or maybe misquote in my hands) from Edgar Cayce: ‘Out of Russia comes once again the hope of the world’.