It was a Russian missile, I tell ya.

Zelensky:  How do I know?  I bought the S-300s from Russia.  That’s how I know.

BREAKING NEWS – WW3 starts when Polish tractor tips over.

It’s not quite Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, is it, with Serbian terrorists throwing bombs at Austro-Hungarian royalty.

Mr Zelensky, wars need style to get started as well as content.

It’s not one of your comedy shows, this time.  False flags need pazzazz.


In other news, Medvedev offers Poland an air defence system.  To protect Poland from Ukrainian missiles.  Nice play, Mr Medvedev.

I guess the elites can’t get the staff any more to run their wars for them, and they use low budget TV comedians, failed politicians – more or less anyone who’ll apply for the job.

Mind you if Churchill had had to face an alternative online media in the 1940s, his reputation would have been totally trashed, and the truth exposed.

The world of lies preferred by government isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, now we’re all wired in.

They need the full technocratic state paraphernalia so that poking fun at war superheroes like Zelensky loses you travel rights etc.

Otherwise it’s such an easy game to play.  The farce is written by the main media.  The alternative media simply reframes it as the bullshit that it truly is.


2 Responses to “It was a Russian missile, I tell ya.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Gladio revisited – Italy

    Carabinieri targetted by Ukrainian Neo Nazi terrorists with weapons supplied to Zelensky regime


  2. sovereigntea says:

    Ukrainian NeoNazi linked to Azov Battalion was Plotting Terrorist Attacks in Italy with Weapons sent to Kiev by NATO
    Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio –
    November 17, 2022


    Had it not been for the widespread investigative activity of the Italian State Police through the divisions proposed for anti-terrorism activity (the Digos of the Police Headquarters and the Ucigos at a national level) the worst of the nightmares connected to the war in Ukraine could have become reality.

    In fact, last June the director of Interpol raised an alarm on the risk that the weapons donated by NATO countries to the Kiev regime could end up in the hands of criminal organizations.

    This was also hypothesized as a consequence of the fact that the Ukrainian National Guard had enlisted among its paramilitary troops, since 2014 with the outbreak of the civil war following the coup financed by George Soros and by the embassies of some countries of the Atlantic Alliance, the neo-Nazi extremists of the Azov Battalion convincingly displaying the symbols of the SS.