Incontestable Proof that Covid-19 Jabs are a Dangerous, Reckless Fraud and more Dangerous than the Disease

The Covid-19 jabs are being promoted and administered in a deliberately unprofessional way.

Whenever a new drug is introduced there are always rules about how it is to be prescribed.

Some drugs must be taken with food, others need to be taken on an empty stomach. Some drugs must be taken in the morning, others at night. Some drugs are suitable only for adults, others are best avoided by the elderly or by pregnant women.

The rules about when drugs should be taken are traditionally put together after the various trials have been performed. Sometimes, the rules change as doctors see how a drug affects different groups of people.

For example, it was only after the terrible experience with pregnant women that it was found that thalidomide may be safe for some patients but unsuitable for women who are expecting a baby.

Doctors are (or, rather, were) expected to look for accurate, independently sourced information obtained through careful research. The rules for prescribing new products are usually devised through long-term trials, careful observation and clinical experience and a doctor who ignores the prescribing rules can get into terrible trouble. He might lose his licence to practise and he might be sued.

I’ve been studying and writing about prescription drugs since the 1970s and until I was viciously attacked in the spring of 2020 I was widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on drug side effects and iatrogenesis. My many books on these subjects have been global bestsellers for decades and I have written over 5,000 articles for medical journals and leading magazines and newspapers. I have never known an exception to these simple rules – until now. Today, common sense has been reversed and it is the doctors who question bad medical practice who are being attacked in the media and who are losing their licences to practice.

The covid-19 experimental so-called vaccine is being treated quite differently to the way all other prescription drugs are treated. I believe it is now the most lethal medical product in history. And that means that it is also the most lethal man-made product of any kind. If the covid-19 jab were a car or an aeroplane it would have been withdrawn from sale a long time ago and the manufacturers would be awaiting trial and buying up large, life-time quantities of soap-on-a-rope.

Doctors (and others who prescribe drugs these days) are relying on information which is as independent as the news on the BBC – which is to say not really independent at all. (The BBC refuses to allow vaccine critics on its programmes and therefore provides a one-sided view – as favoured by the drug companies. The BBC, of course, has financial links to Bill Gates, the unqualified vaccine enthusiast.)

Everyone in health care knows that drug companies lie like thieves. They cheat, they trick and they commit major frauds. Some of the biggest frauds in the world were committed by drug companies – as I have shown many times. Drug company employees make the illegal drug cartels look decent and honest. And yet today doctors are promoting and giving a new pharmaceutical product on the basis of what they have been told by the drug companies.

Here are just some of the ways in which the covid-19 jab is getting unprecedented special and very dangerous treatment.

First, it is usual for drugs to be prescribed with caution to begin with. Drugs may be tried on specific groups of people. Trials usually continue for a few years before drugs are made widely available. However, the covid-19 experimental jabs are being rolled out to billions while the trial continues. Actually, in the past, no prescription drug would have been allowed on the market with the appalling early testing record of the covid-19 jabs. The brand new version of the covid jab introduced into the USA hasn’t been tested on people at all. Health experts have belatedly warned that the American decision to introduce new covid-19 booster jabs without clinical testing on humans `risks denting public trust and increasing hesitancy about vaccines.’ Sadly, it seems that doctors don’t give a damn about evidence or safety anymore.

Second, there is always debate and discussion about a new drug. Doctors are expected to offer judgements, observations and thoughts. The medical journals publish papers, letters and case histories. Today there is no discussion about the covid-19 jabs. Doctors who offer critical comments lose their licences and are reviled. The media, usually quick to highlight drug problems, attack doctors who try to draw attention to side effects or deaths. Information is suppressed. As I’ve said, the BBC boasts that it refuses to allow vaccine critics to express fears on its programmes – even if those fears are justified. The rest of the mainstream media is equally craven – ignoring the need to consider public safety and preferring to avoid upsetting governments and drug companies.

Third, no one worries about being sued because everyone has been given indemnity. Patients who are crippled may be able to claim a relatively small sum of compensation from their government but thanks to intervention from drug company investor Bill Gates the drug company manufacturers cannot be sued. And it seems that doctors may also be immune from legal action in the civil courts. (Most have broken international law by prescribing experimental products without first making sure that they had received full, informed consent from those who’ve been jabbed.)

Fourth, those who had an unapproved vaccine (i.e. one which does not enable them to enter the United States or Europe) were told that they could also have an approved vaccine (one which would allow them to travel more freely). I’ve seen absolutely no evidence showing that this is safe. I have seen no satisfactory, conclusive tests or trials to see if doses of different vaccines are compatible or deadly.

Fifth, the drug companies said that the second dose of the vaccine should be given twelve weeks after the first dose. But many doctors have given the second dose just four weeks after the first. I am unaware of any tests to show that this was safe or effective. It was reported that doctors did not get paid for giving the first jab until they had given the second jab. One doesn’t have to be cynical to wonder if the doctors might have been rushing the second jab so that they got paid more speedily. Maybe doctors were worried that if they didn’t get the second jab done quickly the vaccinated individual might not return to have it done – either because they had bad side effects or because they were dead. As far as I know no doctors have yet given the second jab to dead people but nothing would surprise me about covid-19 jabs.

Sixth, it was originally said that the covid-19 jab should not be given to pregnant woman. This advice was then ignored and the jab was given to women who were or might have been pregnant. I saw no evidence to suggest – let alone show – that this was safe.

Seventh, the covid-19 jab was given to terminally ill patients who had been marked as unsuitable for resuscitation. There really does not seem to be a lot of point in giving a jab which does nothing but perhaps slightly reduce the risk of serious illness to patients who are due to die shortly and who, it has been decided, should be labelled with DNR notices – Do Not Resuscitate notices.

Eighth, it is now widely known that the covid-19 jabs may cause blood problems including clotting. But I know the jabs were given to patient who have a medical history of blood clotting.

Ninth, individuals were given a first jab manufactured by one company and a second jab manufactured by another company. This is against all basic medical principles. There is as yet no evidence to show that this is safe in the long term but early tests reportedly show more side effects.

Tenth, doctors are giving a dose of the covid-19 jab together with a flu vaccine at the same time. Patients have reported having one jab in one arm and the other jab in the other arm at more or less the same time. As far as I can find out there have been absolutely no tests done to see if this is safe.

Eleventh, the covid-19 jab will now be given to infants. As predicted, the jab has been added to the extraordinary list of vaccines given to infants under the age of 18 months. I would love to see some evidence that this is safe, effective and useful. Meanwhile, I believe it is not safe, not effective and not useful.

So, that’s eleven ways in which the giving of the covid-19 jab, or whatever you want to call it, is unscientific. This is deliberately unprofessional and wildly reckless. Moreover, there is now a mass of evidence showing that the covid-19 jab has killed thousands and injured many, many more. The evidence is freely available on my websites.

Those doctors who are involved in this massive, uncontrolled, global experiment should be struck off the medical register and put in jail. Instead they will be rewarded with huge amounts of money and praise while doctors who protest lose their licences and are abused in the media and on the internet.

Journalists have ignored all these questions and done nothing to raise debate about what has been done – and what is still being done. There is clearly very little science to this experiment and what little science exists is being ignored. Their cowardice is unprecedented and shameful.

Those doctors and journalists who accept the lies and the nonsenses are, like good Germans in World War II, accepting the lies and deceits and misinformation because it’s easier, far more profitable, and far more comfortable than confronting the lies with the simple truths I have just outlined. Doctors and journalists are terrified of questioning the way things are being done lest they too be vilified, abused and professionally destroyed.

And so free speech has been destroyed and, along with free speech, millions of lives are being destroyed too. It is impossible to say how many will die or be injured as a result of the covid jab fraud but the one thing I am sure of is that far, far more people will be killed or injured by the jab than were killed or injured by covid-19, the rebranded flu.

The cure will have proved far deadlier than the disease.

Those who doubt or criticise might like to look back on my published work on covid-19 since February 2020. Everything I have written is still available and although over 300 videos have been censored or removed from YouTube and BrandNewTube the transcripts are all still available on and many of my videos have been rescued and are now available again on

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2022

Vernon Coleman’s book `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective’ is available as a paperback and an eBook from Amazon.


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