‘In the name of God, go!’

Although headed by an image of Sunak and Hunt, this post concerns not only the current crop of deviously evil but very capable agents active in the UK but the whole UK political system. Over half a century on this planet I have learnt that no matter who gets in the agenda rolls on. As a young man becoming politically aware I had hope and belief that democracy although not perfect at least gives the chance that sooner or later even by accident we will vote in someone who can at last make a difference. That hope and belief has long faded. It is time for us to acknowledge that as finding a solution to a problem requires that you must first admit the problem exists. Sadly, it most certainly does in the political system.

The Three Party State

Marginally better then the US two party state, the UK three party state is and has always been a rigged game. It offers an illusion of choice and democracy but in truth it’s just an illusion never to manifest in to reality in any meaningful way. It is a rigged game that uses techniques far advanced from the bread and circus of the Roman era. It has now become a science with politics and media paying a very large part in keeping the slaves in their place and controlling their thoughts and actions very effectively.

In the reality we find ourselves there are three states. Positive negative neutral, Horus Ra Set, left right centre, Is Ra El, Odin Thor Loki, Anu Enlil Enki, proton electron neutron etc. etc. If you understand reality as the ruling class do you understand to control reality you have to control the three states. Or at least as much as possible. In the political world that is reflected as labour lib dems and conservatives. Yes there are other parties but generally they do no have enough support to get in and I would suggest they are there to add to the illusion of choice and offer false hope.

If you want to control the UK political system which party would you control? Obviously, all three main ones. Plus the minor ones if you can but that’s on the wish list and not an essential. It is always one of the big three in power and all the time it is nothing will ever change. The hidden hand has all the control they need and the agenda will roll on. In fact it will accelerate faster and faster as we approach the true reset that is heading our way.

It’s Time For Something New

If we want better lives, prosperity, health and happiness it’s time for something completely new. It’s no good voting in more of the same. We will just get more of the same. As Cromwell said, it’s time for them to go. The current lot if we do not remove them will finish us all. We will be broke. sick, cold and hungry and that will pass to our children and grandchildren. An agenda is so obviously being pushed in to our faces it’s beyond denying. In the Daily Mail today Rishi taxes us followed by Matt Hancock getting big money to act like a pratt in the jungle. They’re taking the proverbial and mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually this is aimed at breaking us. It’s all part of the plan.

So how much more are we going to take? When people are inconvenienced they whinge. When they get desperate and hungry they act. We are not quite there yet but with every obvious act of destruction and treason the current lot carry out they push the people one step nearer towards coming together and becoming a force. A force that acts. It requires no violence, no riots and no destruction. Just people power, numbers and the desire for something different.

There is no leader that can save us and no party that can save us. The police won’t act, the army won’t act and the security services are either asleep at the wheel or under orders not to act. Only we can save ourselves and that starts with an admission that we have been and are being played, controlled and had. Let’s start discussing possible alternatives and solutions to the current problems at every level. At home, at work, in the pub. If we sow the seed of a better world we may at some point see one grow.

As the Q’Ero say; we must dream the world we want to see.

Ultimately we created the problem by allowing things to get to this point. Only we can be the solution.

Let’s start dreaming.

Peace to all.


6 Responses to “‘In the name of God, go!’”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The Teds will overturn the current war/debt/tax system. Start from scratch on politics.

    • John says:

      As well meaning as the Teds are I think it needs a complete new system like we’ve never seen before.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Perfection will be ours one day. Meantime catch the bus that’s running. Be careful of the ‘In the name of god go’ meme. They are the words of an autocrat getting rid of parliaments.

  3. Mick says:

    I doubt Britain will ever vote for Starmer but that won’t stop them installing him. Some politicians stand outside the tent p!ssing in; others stand inside the tent p!ssing out; but the treacherous Starmer stands inside the tent p!ssing in.

  4. danceaway says:

    How do they anticipate raising so much tax revenue if the population is drastically reduced and/or too ill to work?

    • John says:

      Once you understand where money comes from you realize they don’t need tax money. Tax and debt are just very effective forms of control.