5 Responses to “Image – The breathtaking beauty of the Metro in Moscow – iearlgrey”

  1. newensign says:

    Yes Danceaway, I can attest the beauty of the underground in central Moscow, when I was there in 2000, also to the many other such buildings. I was impressed too by the friendliness of the Russian people, having been brainwashed into believing Russian was the empire of evil! If it was not for the language, it was just like being in London in the 1950’s – all white faces. There are those who attribute the beautiful buildings in Moscow and elsewhere in Europe to the Tartarians

    • pete fairhurst says:

      100% agreed newensign, I visited in 2019 and was I stunned by both Moscow and St Petersburg

      I’m so glad I visited when I got the chance. Russian civilisation is amazing. Completely at odds with all the propaganda guff that I’ve experienced all my life

  2. danceaway says:

    I would love to have been able to visit Russia as you have done, newensign.

    iearlgrey, IMO, is doing a remarkable job of representing a different type of westerner to Russia, while at the same time informing westerners from his perspective of living and working there, with the full intention of remaining and making Russia his home. He has commented that whenever he returns to Russia from a trip (business) he is so relieved and thankful to be back and to Russia for letting him live there.

    The matter of the Tartarians is a fascinating one; I was learning about it more before events of recent years swept it aside, so to speak, but it remains at the back of my mind whenever I think of the large buildings in Australia, the US, and even the UK, which could not have been constructed by the early inhabitants we are told of, as they did not have the tools.

  3. raymond says:

    Have also visited Uncle Ps fiefdom many times and the Moscow underground is surely a twentieth century wonder— though slave labour helped considerably.
    More enjoyable than Tate Modern but perhaps I am a philistine.
    As for natural Russian intelligence and hospitality — believe me, both are exceptional .

  4. ian says:

    I’m in awe of you guys. I’ve been nowhere. I was going to go to Liverpool once, but it was shut.