If we don’t know what’s in Covid vaccines, how can we know what they’re doing?

Some researchers are finding graphene while others are not. 

There are many reports of degraded, low-purity mRNA while other researchers find there is none.

Because vaccine manufacturers’ contracts prohibit independent analysis of their “vaccines” it’s difficult to legally obtain enough samples, from a broad spectrum of batches and locations, to establish what is truly going on.

Graphene or not, mRNA or not, we need transparency and accountability, and we need it now, wrote Spartacus. Not only should the Covid injection campaigns immediately cease, but there should also be full inquiries and broad independent analysis of the contents of these injections.

Conflicting evidence

For over a year now, Ricardo Delgado, Pablo Campra and others have been claiming that Covid injections contain graphene oxide nanoparticles. And this topic has even been raised as a question in the European Parliament.   Meanwhile, Dr. Andreas Noack identified that it was graphene hydroxide rather than graphene oxide.

Since July 2021, we’ve published numerous articles about graphene found in samples of Covid injection vials, we’ve listed the most relevant at the end of this article. But not all researchers are finding the same ingredients. For example:

  • In June, Kevin McCairn’s team performed their own spectroscopic analysis on Pfizer and Moderna samples. What they found appeared to be a saline solution with various metals in it. No graphene, but no mRNA, either.
  • In August, Steve Kirsch’s colleagues performed an analysis on four vials, two from Moderna and two from Pfizer.  They found polyethylene glycol (“PEG”), suggesting they had found lipid nanoparticles, but there was no evidence of mRNA.
  • Last week, the Spectator in Australia published an article, about self-assembling structures in vaccine samples that stopped self-assembling when placed in a Faraday cage. Self-assembly of nanoparticles by way of energy harvesting is a topic of ongoing research. The technical term for this sort of thing is nanoarchitectonics.

As Spartacus noted, it is possible that all of these conflicting analyses are each, individually true, if we suppose that different batches of the injections may contain different “experiments.” Some might contain graphene. Others might be placebos, or contain nothing more than an assortment of toxic metals.  “Right now, because of the conflicting narratives and the limited data, it is difficult to make a judgment call,” Spartacus wrote.

Answering the question ‘what’s really in the shots’ definitively will require more analysis of the vaccine vials. Vastly more. Different batches, from different geographic locations.

This is very tricky to do legally. The vaccine manufacturers’ contracts with our governments don’t actually allow independent analysis of the vials and their contents. This is very troublesome because there are reports that many of the vials have degraded, low-purity mRNA in them (if any at all).

What’s Really in the Shots? Spartacus, 11 November 2022

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Degraded, low-purity mRNA

In March, during a cross-party inquiry hosted by Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts, retired Australian lawyer and former barrister Julian Gillespie gave his testimony.   He told the panel that the “vaccines” being massed produced and injected into the population are not the same as those trialled before approval:

“[For example] Pfizer’s clinical trial was said to have been run with mRNA integrity of 72% … after they got approval and went to commercial operations … they could not get stability on the mRNA integrity … In a rush to get this stuff out the door and approved, all of a sudden, the regulatory agencies, the FDA together with the EMA together with the English equivalent, the MHRA, all of a sudden dropped the mRNA integrity requirement, to 50%.”

In June, Trial Site News published an article on leaked European Medicine Agency (“EMA”) emails and other Pfizer-related confidential reports which confirmed Gillespie’s statement. Highlighting some information from this article, Spartacus wrote:

By late November 2020, regulators including, US FDA, European Medicines Agency, Health Canada and the UK’s MHRA, were all aware of the significant loss of RNA integrity of the commercial batches (~55% mRNA integrity) of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine … This was classified by EMA as a “major objection” along with observed visible particles, which were classified as “impurities.”

A leaked 26 November PowerPoint presentation of a meeting between Pfizer-BioNTech and the EMA revealed how this major objection was shockingly “resolved”- the RNA integrity specification was simply lowered to 50%, therefore half of all mRNA molecules in the commercial batches were allowed to be truncated (not intact).

What’s Really in the Shots? Spartacus, 11 November 2022

It may have been intended that the vaccine-derived spike protein is basically the same as the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, but there is evidence to suggest that things have not gone as planned, wrote Let’s Be Clear. “In fact, we might be getting unknown proteins generated from the Covid-19 vaccines.”

In September, Jonathan Weissman delivered a presentation titled ‘Covid-19 Vaccines: What You Should Have Been Told’.  Weissman is a cybersecurity professional and part-time independent researcher in biosecurity, operational research and theology.

In his presentation, Weissman covered the origin story of the virus SARS-CoV-2; that known safety risks of the “vaccine” were recklessly ignored by pharmaceutical companies, regulators and governments; that the evidence of vaccine harm is completely undeniable from multiple angles and the philosophy of science.

copy of his presentation slides can be found on his website ‘All the Risks’.

In the description beneath his video on YouTube is a detailed index of his video presentation with timestamps.  We have embedded the video below to begin at the sub-section titled ‘Lessons Learnt from Factor IX Gene Therapy’ (begin timestamp 18:16).

The mRNA in Covid injections has been codon optimised to increase the amount of spike protein produced.  Codons are made up of any triplet combination of the four nucleotide bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), or uracil (U). For example, a codon would be CGG.

Codon optimisation is a technique whereby C or G nucleotides are added so they make up proportionally more of the genetic code. The optimisation is done so that more protein is produced.  In the case of SARS-CoV-2 and its vaccine, the protein is the spike protein. The mRNA in the Covid injections has been codon optimised so more spike protein is produced in our bodies.

Weissman explained three differences between codon-optimised mRNA, as in the vaccines, and mRNA that wasn’t optimised, the “wild type.” The third difference, he said, is the “susceptibility to digestion by enzymes or proteolytic enzymes which cleave or cut the proteins up.”

In other words, the spike protein manufactured in our bodies as a result of the Covid injections is more susceptible to enzymes in our bodies cutting them up.  This is in addition to up to half of the mRNA molecules not being intact when they are injected producing unknown proteins, as noted by Trial Site News and Let’s Be Clear.

Due to the differences in the way that codon-optimised mRNA behaves, the protein folds differently. “We know that misfolded proteins could potentially contribute to neurodegenerative disorders, that’s what they know,” Weissman said.  “So that is a reckless risk,” he said, “that may make the vaccine more dangerous than the virus.”

Jonathan Weissman on Covid-19 Vaccines: What You Should Have Been Told, 30 September 2022 (50 mins)

It’s quite clear that Moderna and Pfizer haven’t exactly been honest about the safety or quality of their products. As Spartacus concluded:

There is a lot of information here that needs to be collated, and new info is emerging every week. If this scandal slowly snowballing in the background was widely known, the scale of the backlash would be biblical.

[Is] there definitive proof that the shots contain graphene? There isn’t. In fact, there isn’t even any definitive proof they contain mRNA, either. People are having adverse reactions to these vaccines, however, so there has to be a specific mechanism behind these injuries.

Graphene or not, mRNA or not, we need transparency and accountability, and we need it now. Not only should the Covid-19 vaccine campaigns immediately cease, there should be full inquiries and broad independent analysis of the contents of these vaccines because from where I sit, the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer ought to be in prison.

What’s Really in the Shots? Spartacus, 11 November 2022

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