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– Lab-grown blood transfusions: to become the new NHS norm?
– Science Daily: Re-engineered red blood cells
– Freedom of Information persistence by UK Column viewer reveals greatly increased heart failure numbers in Dorset
– Viewer in Northern Territory of Australia reports monkeypox/smallpox jab trials with no efficacy data in humans, in largely Aboriginal regions
– Local press in Darwin reports ex-premier Michael Gunner is going green with the same zeal he brought to Zerocovidism
– English GPs (family doctors) finally notified of Yellow Card reporting, two years too late
– NHS England’s case for masking falls apart: The Critic | Daily Sceptic
– Daily Mail: Government-advising professor of mechanical engineering (sic) from SAGE is apparently needed to warn of dangers of damp houses
– Correction from 2 November: the Pfizer jab for RSV in the unborn is not called PH111 (as widely carried on social media) but is in Phase III trial
– Belgian blog among many around Europe and East Asia that picked up on Debi Evans’ report
– Independent sourcing from news-medical.net confirms the jab name: RSVpreF or PF-06928316

Sources: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-9th-november-2022 9 (Extract)

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