German doctors lament “stagnating” vaccination campaign as the Health Ministry sits on millions of doses that will never be administered

Lol. Lmao, even.

We are now two months into the bivalent booster vaccination campaign, and interest remains more lukewarm than ever:

Family physicians are seeing less interest in vaccination against Corona, according to data from a physicians’ professional organisation. “Vaccination is our best sword in the fight against severe outcomes. It’s therefore that much more regrettable that the vaccination campaign is currently stagnating,” the national chairman of the German General Practitioners’ Association, Markus Beier, said …

Doctors no longer receive nearly as many requests for vaccination from patients as the Standing Commission on Vaccination recommends be vaccinated, Beier said. “Of course, our doctors use every opportunity in their practices to educate patients about vaccination, but the results is now rather meagre.” The truth must be told: “The run on Corona vaccinations has now slowed to a crawl.”

This is rough news especially for the vaccinators in the German Health Ministry, who rolled out their truly dismal “Ich schütze mich” (“I protect myself”) ad campaign less than a month ago – to absolutely no effect whatsoever.

Screen grab from one of the bafflingly bad Ich schütze mich ads. The student Marla explains that she’s chosen to protect herself so that she can maintain her sense of taste and smell.

As with many of the most important stories, this one has been carefully downplayed by the press. The only commentary I can find is this tepid piece in FAZ, which complains about “the aggressive counter-campaign from the ranks of the antivaxxers.” Maybe vaccine critics have changed a few minds here or there, but it’s nothing in comparison to what the vaccinators have done to their own cause. Never before in history have Germans been so rapidly and so widely exposed to a new pharmaceutical as they have to the Corona vaccines, and now that personal experience of the jabs is at an all-time high, enthusiasm could hardly be lower. This is the final repudiation of the vaccinators, and the one that matters the most.


3 Responses to “German doctors lament “stagnating” vaccination campaign as the Health Ministry sits on millions of doses that will never be administered”

  1. ian says:

    At last. Is it sinking in that they’re dangerous.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    We know lots of stuff now that most folk didn’t know before [we all knew]:

    Covid deaths were massively exaggerated by conflating died “WITH” covid as being the same as died “OF” covid. A FOI request to ONS revealed that only 6k deaths in UK were “OF” covid. Far better than a normal flu season

    The vaxx doesn’t work. Everybody has seen vaxxed folk get covid now, everywhere in the country. I know loads round here. You’d have to be a hermit not to realise that now

    The vaxx makes people ill. People talk and 80% of UK adults have been vaxxed. So given the high injury rate then, lots of folk must know that it is a pos and injurious

    There is far, far, more, but isn’t that enough? Even my, 4 times vaxxed, head in the sand, fanatic leftist, abject covidian cultist, brother has realised that the vaxx is useless now. Only moronic idiots would take the vaxx now

    Probably plenty of those around of course, given our useless education system and lots of folk total inability to think for themselves. But still, the covid vaxx is surely over now. How can they possibly resurrect it?

    They will trash millions of the damn things as a result of course. Pharma won’t care either, they’ll have been paid by our generous, corrupt, government. And they certainly had a bonanza while it lasted didn’t they, made many £billions

  3. Belyi says:

    It appears that Stéphane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, has just been arrested in Washington where he was supposed to meet Rachel Walensky to discuss making a flu/covid jab into one shot.