3 Responses to “Gallipoli. this song says much.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    I first heard this song from the Pogues in the 1980’s and it touched me immediately. But this version is too nice for me

    The Pogues usually had more of a rebel snarl, and they spat the words out with a more venom. Not so much in this tune though, it was more melancholic than venomous

    Gallipoli really was a crime against our own side. All down to the Rhodes/Milner group who extensively infiltrated English democracy with their agents, as the books demonstrate. One of the notable such agents at that time being Winston S Churchill, the so called “Greatest ever Englishman”.

    Gallipoli was one of his earlier war crimes, that are amply demonstrated in the 2 Docherty & McGregor books. He was a prolific monster

    He went on to far bigger demonic evil acts during WW2 too. As amply demonstrated by David Irving’s masterpiece “Churchills War”

    Irving fully explodes the WW2 Churchill myth. Just as D&McGregor explode his WW1 myth in their 2 books

    • Aldous says:

      Winston Churchill – Traitor and Murderer

      Would-be peacemaker Chamberlain was ‘uninstalled’ and warmonger-in-chief Churchill ‘installed’ to kick-off phoney WW2 good and proper. I think Chamberlain was finally got rid of by poisoning, a lot like Tchaikovsky.
      I’m sure Churchill said: “History will be kind to me because I intend to write it” or words to that effect.
      None of the quotes attributed to Churchill came from him and his speeches were spoken by an actor whose name escapes me.
      Churchill was drunk and incapable most of the time – a lot like me nowadays.

      Talking of history, there’s a movie called (I think) The Eagle Has Landed where an actor doubling for Churchill is shot and killed near the end. This is predictive (or the opposite) ‘programming’ by Hollywood to let us ‘proles’ know what is hidden in plain sight.
      That’s my take on it anyway.

  2. Aldous says:

    I can’t see the song/video on here but I’m not getting much in the way of sleep and way too much in the way of alcohol. Anxiety attacks and stressful stuff like Armageddon and what’s about to unfold.
    Apparently ‘sleep’ is a bit of a mystery to those in the know and why we actually need it. We’ve been educated (conditioned/programmed/brainwashed) to believe it’s obvious because we’re tired etc but not the case.
    It seems to be all about the body’s Immune System and its own need to take a break and re-load for the next challenging day ahead to keep us alive.
    We take a rest after a run etc but why do we need to sleep for a third of our lives and even more as we get older?
    Food for thought methinks.

    My appetite’s back with a vengeance and I’ve enjoyed lots of meaty meals lately. I was talking to a lovely girl who was vegan/vegetarian and painfully thin and had me worried for her.
    We Humans are carnivores, omnivores but certainly not vegivores God forbid.