3 Responses to “Funny compliance video everybody should watch”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The street battles I fought fending off mask vigilantes seem as if they came from another lifetime. Yet they were very recent, and remain as dark reminders of the willingness of the vast majority of humanity to instantly cave into the hand of a hidden authority, revealed to them by their televisions. The ability to think has been removed from 90% of the population. Most are trapped inside a delusion that ordinary content human lives are insufficient, and they abandon stability love and sanity in pursuit of the wow factor which they believe is achievable if only they can get divorced, drink, shoot up or shag themselves stupid. Children are abandoned as money pursuit takes over adult minds, just as they see in the movies or on their screens. Monkey see. Monkey do. None realises they have been captured by demonic forces intent on shattering the contentment of their once happy lives, and all those who on them just being steady, depend. Throwing normal acceptance to the wind they rush to find their deaths through vaccines and any other device of pharmaceutical poisoning which advertising and theatrical prompting (Politicians) can deliver into their sacrificed physical existence. Their spirits are already lost to decades of televisual spiritual undoing.

    • Weaver says:

      I am still dealing with the mask vigilantes every time I take my mother to an NHS appointment. I overheard someone mentioning that they had developed mouth cancer when I was last there. Correlation and causation may apply here along with the huge number of deaths that are occurring.

    • ian says:

      Two great comments. Tap’s was I thought just an eloquent continuation of the video narrative, and Weaver’s, a stark reminder that this has not, nor is likely to go away.