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Like everything else to do with governments I smell a rat and just a couple of weeks ago we were informed that our village GP surgery is to close in March. The last GP surgery to close in Berwickshire was Coldingham in 2021, patients now have to travel to Eyemouth to see their doctor. Here in Chirnside with a growing population patients will be expected to travel six miles to Duns to see a doctor. Those without transport and having to rely on the bus service are going to find it most difficult to arrange an appointment to coincide with an infrequent bus service. Even if that were a possibility patients feeling sick and unwell are going to face a half mile walk in all weathers from the bus stop to the Duns surgery.
To give an idea of what’s going on see the following article from Pulse 2018.
And this
Thanks to Gordon.
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  1. raymond says:

    Why the surprise?
    There are many ways to privatise the NHS if that is your “hidden” agenda.
    Having no public funded NHS and a much-reduced OAP population could save the Treasury much more than a few shillings.

  2. newensign says:

    You are right Gordon, this is all about removing the NHS by degrees. As well as closing surgeries they are increasing waiting times for ops. I have a friend who was told that he would have to wait 1 year a knee op, bot if he paid £3000 it could be done in a private hospital in 3 weeks, which is Spire which is the NHS still in disguise!

    • ian says:

      Indeed he is Newensign. My wife went in for a scan in the summer, and as she never heard anything, thought it was all clear. Nothing drastic as it happens but needs follow up treatment, and the GP only got the letter last week. It came like a bolt from the blue.

      • Gordon says:

        Thanks to Alan for sending the links and thank you Ian for posting.

        My complaint regarding Spire and NHS Scotland is the underhandedness and method of extracting patients medical records from every GP practice in Scotland with or without patient consent. In itself this is an abuse of trust between the patient and doctor and no doubt before long the information gleaned from patient records will fall into the hands of profiteers as has been the case in England.

        A letter requesting consent to medical records should have been sent to every NHS patient in Scotland yet, only by Alan’s astuteness and investigating mind did this matter come to the fore.

        It is stated that patient has the option to opt out and if they so wished opt back in by printing off and filling in the slip at the foot of this NHS Scotland document.

        First point of notice is that every effort has been made difficult for anyone to do so. The form is not an online form which can be filled in and sent off but must be printed, signed and handed in at ones GP surgery which makes it a can’t do for the majority of the population and therefore one has to work out a means to get to a public library and have the computer skills to load the site and send it to the printer.

        I ask, how many elderly people will have those skills let alone be bothered with the hassle of traveling miles to the library then travel back to the GP surgery to hand the slip in.

        The easy option of course is to go the hassle free route and do nothing which I feel many will do, that is if indeed they by chance stumble across this hidden act, that way they will have fallen into the trap of silent consent and their once private medical records have now become a free for all while their doctor-patient confidentiality has now been blown to the wind.

        I think there’s a letter heading my MPs way as well as Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf.

  3. ian says:

    Well said Gordon, and thanks to Alan. Sadly what you say is true, and it’s been deliberately made too awkward for most to deal with. Just another step down the road to the destruction of life as we knew it.