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Fran Drescher: Audrey Hepburn’s Daughter?

November 6, 2022

(Fran Drescher)
Bloodlines not talent determine who makes it in Hollywood
“No one sets foot on the red carpet of movie premiers, award shows, and other high profile events except for those who are members of the bloodlines of the Satanic elite which is what the red carpet symbolizes.
(Disclaimer – I reserve judgment.)
By Matrix Hacker



     Hollywood movies and the entertainment industry are a cover for a vast breeding program run by the Cabal which produces an endless supply of offspring who are secretly bred by celebrities to become the celebrities and breeders of the future.
Part and parcel of creating the illusion that beauty, talent, and a chance at fame are equally distributed throughout society is the practice of adopting the offspring into unrelated cult families that possess looks that are similar to those of the offspring.


 Seeing that celebrities emerge from ordinary appearing families with a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds creates a false reality in the public imagination that fame is bestowed randomly.
Appearance obscures the fact that it is precisely because they are products and carriers of the correct bloodlines that celebrity offspring will inevitably be “discovered” by the industry and put on the fast track to success.  Official narratives are produced to further mislead the public into believing that celebrities rise to prominence due solely to some combination of their good luck, good looks, talent, or ambition.


     The truth is that no one sets foot on the red carpet of movie premiers, award shows, and other high profile events except for those who are members of the bloodlines of the Satanic elite which is what the red carpet symbolizes.
However, not all actors and actresses bred by A-list stars during the making of major Hollywood films are guaranteed to become movie stars themselves.  Many, in fact, get relegated to careers largely in television. An example of this is Fran Drescher.


Case in point: even if we are aware that the Hollywood breeding program exists, it would be extremely difficult to detect that New York Jewish-raised Fran Drescher is the true daughter of British actress Audrey Hepburn were it not for the fact that the Cabal offers us clues to that effect.


ASTAIRE2.jpg(l. Fred Astaire is Fran’s father?)
Comparisons of Fran Drescher’s appearance to that of Audrey Hepburn’s have been made in numerous articles and also in Season 1, Episode 20 of The Nanny, the sitcom that Fran is most famous for.  Clues are also frequently offered by means of who the celebrity most admires in the world of celebrity.  On September 19th, 2022 an article entitled “Fran Drescher Has Always Admired Audrey Hepburn’s Style” was published by four online news outlets.

Fran Drescher was born on September 30, 1957.  If we look to see which film starring Audrey Hepburn was released in 1957, we discover that she starred in not one but two films released that year.  Funny Face, co-starring Fred Astaire, was released on February 13, 1957 and Love in the Afternoon, co-starring Gary Cooper, was released on June 30, 1957.  What immediately jumps out is that Fran and Fred are both 4 letter names that begin with FR which looks to be a clue.  Still, Fran does not resemble Fred Astaire but neither does she resemble Gary Cooper.  Celebrity breeding often results in offspring that resemble one famous parent to the exclusion of the other famous parent.


     So how are we to know for sure who her true father is?  Well, the Cabal has spelled the answer out for us, literally.  If we look at the name Fran Drescher and we take the first letter of her first name and the first three letters of her last name we have FDRE.  FDRE is an anagram of FRED and this is evidence that the Cabal has chosen to unequivocally let us know who her true father is — by clearly encoding his name into her name.  And, for the final clue, Fran Drescher rose to fame by playing the role of Fran Fine in the hit television show The Nanny.  Fran Fine shares identical initials (FF) with the movie during which Fran Drescher was bred — Funny Face (FF).
Why is the Cabal is compelled to reveal truth in such a peculiar manner?  First off, the totality of occult secrets previously hidden from the masses are readily available to all who wish to find them.  The greatest occult secret of all was revealed by Manly P. Hall in his 1928 magnum opus, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.  This secret is that man has hidden within his nature an immortal spirit.
Hollywood functions in part as Revelation of The Method. Its purpose partly was to introduce arcane knowledge of a breeding program employed by an invisible Cabal over millennia into mass consciousness.  The plan to reveal truth includes offering clues that are hidden in plain sight indicating who bred who in celebrity circles.  These clues have been provided to alert us to the esoteric social reality that operates beyond the exoteric fiction promulgated by official narratives.
Bringing this latent truth into conscious awareness is the brass ring of our struggle to wake up to reality.  Waking up is a two part process, the first being to systematically identify and un-learn the false realities we have been indoctrinated into by our culture.
The second is to turn inward and train ourselves to not believe everything we think and achieve mental mastery through learning to distinguish a true thought from a false thought.  As we do this we dispense with the false parts of our nature which allows us to bring forth the truth (God) that is already within us.  Within Buddhism can be found the occult secrets that birth and death are illusions of the 5 senses and reincarnation is a feature of sensory experience.

The following two occult secrets are found within Christian mysticism:  Jesus taught that the future of humanity is to co-create Heaven on Earth and live in peace and harmony, free from old age, sickness, and death.  His promised Second return to Earth was referring to the time when humans would come into awareness that the qualities that He possessed are already within their own nature.  The Cabal has inverted these truths by creating a false reality that states that, following three World Wars, Jesus will make a literal return to Earth for the Battle of Armageddon.  For a secular audience, a false reality was created stating that a totalitarian New World Order is the future of humanity.  These false realities function as predictive programming and are the scripts in the Cabal’s playbook that will continue to be acted out until humanity chooses to wake up.


     What we can conclude from this information is that life is a game.  Games have rules and, because Cabalists play the role of the oppressors of humanity, they are prohibited from revealing the truth outright because doing so would spoil the game.
 Knowing this makes their clue method of revealing truth coherent.  Fran Drescher is noteworthy in that, compared to other celebrities, there is a preponderance of clues alluding to her true parents.  Comparing one celebrity to another in the mass media is a common way that the Cabal offers clues as to who is related to who.