Fine Tyranny in Plymouth – UKColumnNews

Plymouth Live: Delivery driver who dropped cigarette butt on floor slapped with hefty fine
– Cllr Bill Wakeham, Plymouth City Council’s portfolio holder for environment and streets, resolutely defends the magistrates who imposed a £1,400 “littering” fine
– Brian Gerrish commentary: Wakeham used to be a UKIP champion; what kind of freedom from tyranny did he ever advocate?
– And Finally: Bob Moran’s latest cartoon—“Crushing It” (G20 head honchos trampling on freedom)
N.B.: Update from last week’s MHRA board meeting coverage: vaccine-injured Charlet Crichton and Adam Rowland (both now interviewed by Debi Evans—Adam Rowland interview out soon) invite BBC’s Marianna Spring to talk to them—will Spring label their experiences “disinformation” too?
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One Response to “Fine Tyranny in Plymouth – UKColumnNews”

  1. ian says:

    Disgustingly large fine for a no victim offence, when the police hardly investigate burglaries any more, but love the cartoon, especially Biden sniffing little Rishi’s hair.