False flag missile hits Poland

(72) Oh no! Missiles hit Poland.. False flag? – YouTube


What kind of missiles fell in Poland?

Version One, Western — Russian. It has already been rejected by the Russian Ministry of Defense: “No strikes were carried out near the Polish border. The images of missile wreckage in Przewodów published in hot pursuit have nothing to do with Russian weapons.”

Indeed, Russia’s Kalibr and Kh-101 precision-guided missiles could not deviate from their targets enough to fly into Poland. It’s unrealistic.
The immediate goal was in the Ukrainian city of Kovel. It’s 100 kilometers from Przewoduwa!

Version Two is the most plausible. The wreckage that fell in Poland is too similar to the details of the S-300 air defense missile, with which Ukraine apparently tried to shoot down Russian missiles near Lviv.

Version Three. Poland could have staged a provocation itself in order to raise a scandal and turn to NATO for a “legitimate ticket” for the occupation of Ukraine by the West.

Version Four. In Przewodów, a farm tractor actually exploded, which drove into a hydraulic scale. And from this they inflated almost a pretext for a nuclear war …

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