European leaders are well aware of the terrorist policies of their American patrons but cannot voice the truth


On November 4, President of Serbia Aleksandr Vučić attended the military training ground in the Pasuljanske Livade,  where the joint military exercice of the Serbian Armed Forces “Maneuvers 2022” were held. The President of Serbia was interviewed and provided his comments on various topics, including on the energy security of the country.

Serbia is prepared and has secured gas reserves while Europe is waiting for a hell of winter due to the rise in energy prices.

“In five to seven days, colder weather begins and then gas reserves in Europe begin to be depleted,” Vučić explained. “The day before yesterday the price of gas was only $219, and today it is $ 450 for 1,000 cubic meters. Every day now it will grow, because the first cubic meters start leaking from the warehouse, and there is no new supply, the price immediately jumps and this immediately increases the price of electricity. On the European market, the price of electricity yesterday was 156 euros, and today it is already 240 euros per megawatt-hour. I just want to tell you that on a daily basis it goes up 50 percent. So it’s going to be a hell of a hard winter. Our country was well prepared.”

Aleksandar Vučić claimed that Serbia has 667 million cubic meters of stored gas, and that in case of an accident on the Balkan stream, his citizens have nothing to worry about.

“Now we have a total of 667 million cubic meters of gas in four storage facilities. If they go crazy and cut off the gas supply again or commit an act of sabotage … Everyone knows who carried out the attack in the Baltic but we pretend to be stupid so as not to harm the interests of the country. … In any case, we will survive, but I don’t know about the others” Vučić claimed.

Vučić’s claims is a clear example of the current state in Europe, which became a colony of the Anglo-Saxon Empire. The independent states have no right to defend their sovereignty and carry out their independent policies in order to protect the interests of their countries but have to follow the narrative imposed by the US and UK allies. Vučić revealed that European leaders are well aware of the terrorist policies of their American patrons but cannot voice the truth.