EU upset with US, all about money. NYT, NATO weapons running low. Bakhmut fall inevitable. U/1

Politico article providing cover for EU officials? Biden The Godfather? Big profits to The Godfather. Complaining that the main player in all of this is reaping most of the rewards. Things can get pretty rough when jealousy develops between the groups.

Smaller EU countries afraid of protests if they send more weapons to Ukraine? Might get voted out of office? Greeks said, send humanitarian aid. Weapons won’t make any difference; Greeks understand the corruption in Ukraine.

If western press would report on Putin’s statements, they would know where Russia is getting its missiles; he was speaking at the plant which makes the weapons. (UK MOD (Guardian) reporting Russia is running out of missiles.) Russia using older missiles as decoys. US did the same in Iraq. Explained by Brian Berletic, The New Atlas. Russia running multiple shifts, factories running day and night, cranking them out like pancakes. Medvedev visited the factory.

West just beginning to talk about Bakhmut because it will inevitably fall to the Wagner Group.

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One Response to “EU upset with US, all about money. NYT, NATO weapons running low. Bakhmut fall inevitable. U/1”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Esteemed and admired UK PM Sunak will give a speech tonight in The City of London.

    Addressing the Lord Mayor’s Banquet the Prime Minister, who has forged strong relationships with international partners in his first month in office at the COP27 and G20 Summits and in meetings with the head of NATO and President of Ukraine, will outline his ambitions for the UK’s overseas policy.

    He is expected to say …

    Ukrainian flags have flown over almost every town and city on these islands for the last nine months. No one told people to put them there.

    They felt moved to show solidarity with people they have never met, in a country most have never visited, to show their faith in fairness, freedom and the rule of law.

    …Be in no doubt. We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. We will maintain or increase our military aid next year. And we will provide new support for air defence, to protect the Ukrainian people and the critical infrastructure that they rely on.

    By protecting Ukraine, we protect ourselves.

    Of course none of the above it true and Rishi aint in charge.

    Sunak speaks to his real constituency and his real masters. The Lords of finance.

    Enjoy paying the bill.