EU Parliament ‘idiocy.’ Power outages in Ukraine & Moldova. EU oil price cap idiocy. U/1

EU Parliament has determined Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism. At the moment this is symbolic, but it gives the EU cover and can now go after individual countries to pressure them to agree to this. So far US has resisted. It would be very dangerous if the US were also to do so, for then all diplomatic communication would cease. Maria Zakarova called it “idiocy.”

Ukraine sells its electricity to Moldova, but when it loses power, it can not sell it.

EU has agreed $70 price cap on Russian oil. So Russia will sell oil to countries such as India, which has vast refineries, who will then sell it at a mark up to Europe, and laugh at the idiocy  of the Europeans. The price of LNG is also rising due to competition from other countries who also use it; it is apparently sold on the spot market. Alex entertains us with an improvisation of Ursula announcing this decision.

Macron becoming extremely anxious.

Financial Times writes that Peace protests are a “disturbing trend” for the European Political mainstream.

God forbid we should have Peace! That would end all the grift, all the money, all the weapons, all the industry moving , the Great Reset, own nothing and be happy……..

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