Dugin – The people support Putin

A mysterious recent statement by Dugin: “Putin is innocent for everything, only the elite who want him to fail are to blame.”
Who are those people and where?
Statement by Prof.Alexander Dugin following today’s media confusion
(TG / “Alexander Dugin | Z”) “
The West and CYPSO have started to imply that I and Russian patriots have turned against Putin after the Kherson surrender, allegedly demanding his resignation. This comes from nowhere and is based on an allegedly deleted message of mine. It is clear that no one will believe it. But to be sure: no one has turned their back on Putin, I and all Russian patriots support him unconditionally. Grief over the loss of Kherson is one thing; attitude towards the Commander-in-Chief is another.
We are loyal to Putin and support the SMO and Russia to the end.
However, the West, which is exerting excessive pressure on Russia, does not understand that Russia and Putin will not capitulate under any circumstances.
The next step can only be the use of TNWs.
The President has been clear: we will not surrender.
To corner Russia is suicide for the West and for humanity. I am convinced that TNWs and then SNWs can be avoided by turning to ideology and engaging the Russian Idea now.
After mobilising society spiritually and ideologically, we will succeed without nuclear weapons. In the name of the President and for the good of the People.
If we have any complaints to make, it is against the ruling elite, who are already running around and betraying the Supreme Leader, one by one.
Only we – the Russian patriots and the Russian people – are loyal to them.”
Alexandr Dugin
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