Dr. Michael Yeadon: “This Is the Cleanest Signal of Reproductive Harm After C19 Vaccination I’ve Seen to Date”

This is directly pulled from VAERS with no manipulation. Therefore it can & MUST be shared widely.

The minimum benefit I anticipate flowing from this is that individual women will decline any further injections if they’ve had any to date.

Best case is that people begin to draw conclusions that I think are starkly obvious:

1. Young women were never in the elevated risk category, so administration of these so-called vaccines was never indicated.

2. In any case, for 60 years, since Thalidomide, we’ve never administered novel medical procedures to pregnant women.

3. The manufacturers hadn’t even completed basic, required reproductive toxicology studies. They might have argued that, by convention, these studies have never been required by regulators for injected vaccines. Perhaps, but these agents are in no way related to old style products.

4. Third parties had publicly warned about potentially toxic mechanisms built into the very design of these agents, warnings which triggered attacks & censorship.

5. VAERS has many flaws but it cannot even be pretended that the truly enormous increase in stillbirths & miscarriages after c19 injections compared to the track records of all other vaccines since VAERS was founded, 30 years ago.

Please share.

Best wishes
Dr. Michael Yeadon

VAERS COVID Vaccine Reproductive Health Related Reports

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