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Dr David Nixon – Confirmed and verified, this really is happening! (11-17-2022)

MARK OF THE BEAST? PROOF: Toxic Graphene Oxide Nano Bots Self Assemble In Vaxxed Blood

The “vaccines” are filled with NANOTECH!

Dr. David Nixon joins to detail his findings inside the C-19 injections.

Intricate circuit boards are self-assembling within the veils, what do they do, and WHY are they there?

Wot’s in the shots? Graphene oxide? Nanobots? (11-5-2022)

Original Video: https://rumble.com/v1v99fm-mark-of-the-beast-proof-toxic-graphene-oxide-nano-bots-self-assemble-in-vax.html


3 Responses to “Dr David Nixon – Confirmed and verified, this really is happening! (11-17-2022)”

  1. ian says:

    I wonder what these self assembly “things”, are designed to do?. I’d imagine that they could kill you by blocking arteries or such, even possibly when instructed to do so by phone signal, but any ideas anyone?

    • stevie k says:

      I’ve thought from the very beginning Ian whatever is in the vax and 5g were closely connected. A lot of reports early on about teams of 5g installers working 24/7 during lockdown.
      My thoughts are they wanted to get everyone vaxxed and then activate whatever with 5g. Unfortunately l think the vaxx turned out to be a lot more lethal than they thought so waking a lot of folk up which has knackered their plans a bit.
      Just my thoughts but makes sense to me.

      • ian says:

        Thanks Stevie. Yes I know what you mean. They can’t fix the roads, but every street in Britain got LED street lights with 5G antennas on them very rapidly.