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Did you ever wonder how the ukrop nazis got so evil?

Here’s the answer –

I am often asked why such a fanatical attitude towards our prisoners in the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Like, the APU is not the Nazis, not the “Right Sector”. Why?

Until 2015-2016, the AFU in its genesis went back to the Soviet Army. They continued to honor Soviet military holidays, preserved the Soviet organization, Soviet drill, combat regulations and the internal service regulations, only slightly adapting them to the “independent” way. Senior officers and generals were almost all graduates of Soviet military schools. And therefore, during the first stage of the war – 2014-2015, the AFU distanced themselves from the nationalist battalions and, even there were cases, they entered into conflicts with them because of atrocities against the civilian population of Donbass.

But since 2015, a large-scale military reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun under the leadership of American and British military advisers and instructors. As part of this reform, the military personnel who showed themselves most bravely and skillfully, as well as soldiers of the national battalions and in every possible way, were sent to military schools of Ukraine for training and the formation of a new officer corps. At the same time, a harsh purge of the AFU officer corps took place from all those suspected of disloyalty, as well as from those who showed themselves as insufficiently proactive and motivated commanders.

The first changes affected schools and academies. The heroization of front-line soldiers in the eyes of yesterday’s schoolchildren quickly made the war in Donbass a cult, and the ideology of the UPA-OUN, which was professed by the Nazis who came from the troops to receive officer education, popular and recognized. Literally in a year, the educational institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, under the influence of the national contingent that came from the front, turned into hotbeds of nationalist sentiments. Nazi symbols, tattoos, as well as literature about “Bandera”, the cult of Bandera – Shukhevych became extremely popular among the cadets.

Four years later, these graduates went to the troops, where, in fact, the final mating of the AFU and Nazism took place. By this time, the “Bandera” core had long been formed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine – “contract soldiers” who had passed, or were serving in the ATO zone, then renamed the OOS, where the ideas and symbols of national socialism and “Bandera” nationalist beliefs were also extremely popular. The result of this mating of the Nazis with each other was that in 2018-2019, the AFU rapidly reborn from the post-Soviet army into the modern AFU – a kind of mutation of the UPA (Ukrainian insurgent army) according to ideology and beliefs and the US colonial army, according to the organization, statutes and under whose command the AFU now functioned.

Actually, this is the answer to the question about the reasons for the brutal cruelty of the APU to our prisoners. The spiritual and ideological genesis of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is “Bandera”, Ukrainian Nazism and undisguised hatred of Russia, Russians. Moreover, this hatred did not arise on February 24, 2022, or even in 2014. This hatred has been cultivated since the 30s of the last century, and hardened in a merciless struggle with the “Muscovites” until the mid-50s, and then was “activated” again in the 90s, as soon as the “virus” of Ukrainian nationalism was able to break free again after the weakening of the USSR.

During the Great Patriotic War and the subsequent war in the underground, the “Banderites” were sophisticated in cruelty and atrocities against those who were considered enemies. Tortures, the most terrible executions, mass murders of entire families – the elderly, women and children were glorified and considered “merits” to Ukraine, proof of full devotion to the “independent” idea and “father Bandera”. All this was accepted and assimilated by modern APU.

– Dmitri Fedorov


4 Responses to “Did you ever wonder how the ukrop nazis got so evil?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Ben Wallace seems happy to spend our money training Nazis

    While some EU countries have just agreed to open military training courses for Ukrainians, in the UK the process of training militants for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been put on stream. The British news agency British’s Forces News published a report on how seven thousand Ukrainian recruits are being trained at the base of the British army in the north of England. Among the Ukrainians there are former prisoners.

    But this is not the main thing. Attentive viewers noticed that a Ukrainian was in one of the frames of the report, on whose uniform a chevron was sewn with the symbols of one of the most cruel punitive SS units. This is a symbol of belonging to the 36th Grenadier Division under the command of Oskar Dirlewanger, where the recruitment was exclusively from prisoners of German colonies, concentration camps and SS military prisons. According to European politicians, there are no Nazis in Ukraine… They are now training in Britain..


  2. newensign says:

    There is another aspect to it, and that is, demonising our German Saxon cousins. The word NAZI came about from an amalgamation of the Zionist party and Hitler’s Workers Party. The Weimar became very degenerate following the influx of Khazarian Mafia from Poland and the Ukraine. The SS was set up from I G Farben’s security force a Rothschild company and notice how Swab and Kisenger speak with German accents, although not German! Again to make the world think its the Germans causing the problem!

  3. Tapestry says:

    Schwab was former Nazi – his father. Kissinger must be Jewish/German/American. Nasi strangely was the name Izas’ followers referred to him as in The Dead Sea Scrolls. The name Jesus was created by the Romans when writing the New Testament to hide Nasi’s true spiritual powers – not reveal them as most people believe. Nasi was a Nazarene, a branch of the Essenes. Nazareth is another manufactured term to hide the true history. Nazi maybe another manufactured creation to cloud the spiritual space.

    • newensign says:

      Swab wasn’t German he was an Edomite descendants of destined to wonder amongst the nations. Christ’s name was Yashuah Not Jesus. The Romans were Phares Judah – Hebrews ruling Palestine consisting mainly of Edomites. The Germans are Saxons (sons of Issac). Most of the Israelites were in Galilee. They rarely went to Jerusalem for fear of the Jews.