In numerous countries, despite vaccination remaining available, people are no longer cooperating with the programme. There has been no official end to the programme but people have opted out. The government has not told them to stop, the media have not told them to stop. Somehow, people have made a conscious or, perhaps for many a subconscious decision to decline.

The Health Advisory & Recovery Team (“HART”) has reviewed the graphs from Our World in Datarelating to Covid “vaccine” doses administered per 100 people. The data shows that across the world, with a few exceptions, people are rejecting the injection.

“North America and Africa are now outliers for vaccinations given per day with the populations of many countries having stopped cooperating with the vaccination plans of their public health officials,”  HART wrote.

HART is a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts who share concerns about policy and guidance recommendations relating to the Covid pandemic.  HART’s aim to provide relevant scientific evidence in accessible forms, for a variety of audiences.  You can follow HART’s work on their website HERE or on the various social media platforms as indicated on their website.

Below are HART’s comments summarising their review of the injection uptake data.  We have only published their text, the graphs that accompany the text can be found in their article ‘The Injection Rejection: People Turning Down Vaccination’. You can view the graphs and read their article HERE.

In Europe, the countries whose populations are turning down Covid injections include Denmark, Ireland, Moldova, Cyprus, Georgia, Spain and North Macedonia. Others have seen a marked reduction but have not recently recorded data including Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Montenegro and Iceland.

Unlike most of Africa, South Africans and Morrocans have stopped coming forward too.

Unlike Asia as a whole, Israelis and Palestinians stopped nine months ago and Malaysians and the Chinese (if we trust that data) more recently.

For much of the autumn, North Americans were still being actively vaccinated the most followed by Africans. This is despite Africa having had minimal covid deaths and there being far more serious threats to life and health from Malaria and Tuberculosis among numerous other diseases.

Just over 30% of Africans have now been vaccinated.

A total of 13 billion doses have been recorded as given worldwide.