Dear government, please leave Cloud Cuckoo Land by the nearest available exit


by Roger Arthur, Climate Correspondent

Dear Government,

Here are a few irrefutable facts which all need to be covered.

It is clear that natural CO2 emissions far outweigh those from human activities and that natural emissions are caused mainly by global warming, principally ​due to​ the Sun.

Rises in global temperature lead (and cause) those natural CO2 increases – not the other way around.

In 2020 global CO2 levels increased by 2.5ppm – 54% up from the 60 year average of 1.6ppm and over 5,000 times the average annual UK emissions (at 1% of 3% of 1.6ppm) over 60 years to 2020. That rise in 2020 had nothing to do with human emissions – which FELL during that​ year – and we will achieve little by trying to emulate King Canute.

The cost of de-carbonising the U.K. grid at £3 trillion (£120,000 per household) will be carried by us – not by the solar and wind farm owners – who have had £100s millions in taxpayer subsidies.

The cost of de-carbonising transport and industry will likely take the total up to around £5 trillion, or £200,000 per household. The cost of energy storage needed to keep the lights on – when there is little sun or wind – will be enormous.

So please, do let’s start dealing with the whole truth.

If anyone claims that solar and wind power is cheap, then they are lying. The resulting escalation in the cost of energy will further raise the running costs of EVs and Heat Pumps and will make our industry less competitive – ​leading​ more U.K. businesses will move overseas –​ causing ​ ​more CO2 emissions than before?

The cost of raw materials is already escalating and around 1,400,000,000 cars have to be produced globally. it will take many hundreds of years at the current rate, to mine the materials needed for net zero.

What must be grasped and confronted is the fact that:

i) that the sun is the primary driver of climate,

ii) that there is no global warming model which factors in all drivers and feedback loops

iii) that natural CO2 levels follow global temperature and

v) that water vapour has a bigger greenhouse impact than CO2.

​Then c​onsider that IPCC models don’t appear to allow for​ the following:​

a) the self correcting feedback loop whereby increased global temperature increases global greening, which absorbs CO2.

b) the affect of water vapour in the atmosphere – their models assume that the atmosphere is dry air!

c) the effect of variations in the Earth’s orbit and solar activity, including warming due to solar wind storms.

d) the fact that the GHG effect of CO2 is not linear with the % of the gas in the atmosphere.

e) the fact that natural CO2 emissions follow global temperature – not the other way around. ​

S​urely anyone can grasp that the net increase in CO2 levels in 2020 rose by 2.5ppm – over 5,000 times the U.K.s average annual emissions over the previous 60 years – making the​ the UK’s contribution​ irrelevant.​

In 12 days, China emits ​the same amount of CO2 as the UK does in a year and UK emissions have halved since 1990. But it should be abundantly clear that that increase​s​ in natural emissions far outweighed the human contribution.

Importing oil and gas from abroad via CO2 emitting tankers – as we drive more business overseas, where they will cause more emissions than before – is about as dumb as it gets.

Then consider that it will take hundreds of years – at the current rate of mining – to produce the materials needed to achieve net zero.

Do you really think that spending £5 trillion (£200,000 per household) is good bang for buck – causing more fuel poverty and power cuts here – driving more business overseas where they will cause more CO2 emissions than before?

Please leave Cloud Cuckoo Land by the nearest available exit

Dear government, please leave Cloud Cuckoo Land by the nearest available exit

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