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  1. raymond says:

    A little bit over dramatic, Polly ?
    In an odd way I almost feel happy that Canada is publicly run a by a bunch of Nazi type eugenicists.
    It showcases to the rest of us what Shwabites look and sound like and concentrates our minds on the need to exterminate filth and evil .

  2. ian says:

    I never found Polly very amazing with her boom moments. I feel that she probably thinks she is amazing. I however would not be surprised if the WHO tried this.

    TV will be their biggest weapon. Without TV they would be no better at getting info out than us. Think about that. We cant start up a TV station in the UK, we need approval from the authorities. Thames Television broadcast a film called death on the rock. It clearly showed how a group of SAS soldiers in civvies were sent to Gibraltar and murdered some IRA personnel in cold blood. It cost Thames Television it’s broadcast licence. Sue Lawley was booted out for harassing Maggie Thatcher over the illegal sinking of the Belgrano with 300 lives lost. They lie we tell the truth. They want their lies believed so we need to be shut up. They’ll do it somehow, as they hold the cards and more importantly the are armed.

  3. raymond says:

    It’s just a matter of time, Ian, before a large group of “us” operate with the funds’, secrecy and expertise that Mossad use all the time.
    Picking off key figures here, there and everywhere. Fighting fire with hell and damnation.