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Cracks Are Appearing in the “Vaccines Are Safe and Effective” False Narrative

Amidst the bleak background of covid “vaccine”-induced harms is some light; a light that’s breaking through the cracks in the narrative. The sands are now definitely shifting, with increasing numbers who were previously steadfast advocates of the unquestionable safety of covid-19 “vaccines” doing U-turns. That’s mainly a function of the available science and the fact so many have either directly experienced adverse effects or know people close to them who have.

By Rob Verkerk

I sense that the authorities as well as the media and tech companies that are trying to control the message and side-line dissent through censorship and manipulation of messaging using behavioural science have underestimated the power of experience.

Let me give you four important areas where these cracks are appearing.

The first is the science – and I’ve given you earlier in THIS article examples of two big studies in big journals by authors from big-name institutions. That’s a far cry from early-mid 2021 when these signals could only be found in studies on preprint servers and occasionally in minor journals.

For good measure, an article in Science – one of the most influential scientific journals in the world – caught my eye when it was published some 10 days ago. It’s not a study but it’s an insightful piece that provides a perspective on the elevated risk of myocarditis following covid-19 vaccination based on widely published data (i.e. it will inevitably underestimate risks). Included in the article are quotes from mainstream experts, including Paul Offit, who do not recommend boosters to children or healthy people under 65.

Also, the notion of previously undescribed post-vaccination syndrome linked specifically to covid-19 vaccines, as explained by Josef Finsterer from the Neurology and Neurophysiology Center in Vienna, Austria, is entering the mainstream medical community. Mainstream doctors often won’t have any idea of how to treat it having no pre-set pathway established by their health systems. But they’ve often seen too many cases that have been temporally associated with vaccination to continue to deny what they are observing.

The second area where cracks are appearing is among politicians. Take the latest All Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG) on Covid-19 Vaccine Damage that we have reported on separately today. And a stunning change in view is that of Danielle Smith, the 19th premier of Alberta, Canada, who only took office on 11 October.

Responding to a question from a journalist at Rebel News, Ms Smith replied, “I’m deeply sorry for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccination status. I am deeply sorry for any government employee who was fired from their job because of their vaccine status. I’d welcome them back if they wanted to come back.”

That’s a full 360-degree turnaround on premier Smith’s predecessor. You can see her full response at a press conference HERE.

A government data leak in Australia reported yesterday by Sky News Australia revealed the Australian government is budgeting for an 80-fold increase in covid-19 vaccine injury payments, to nearly $77 million for 2023. That will be mana to some politicians, no doubt.

A fourth area is the recognition of a corrupt or broken system by mainstream players. Take what America’s top litigator for vaccine injury cases has said about the prospects for covid-19 vaccine injury claims. In June 2021, Maglio told Reuters, not some local rag or even the Epoch Times, that “…the current system for handling covid-related claims is different [from previous systems] – and not in a good way.”

There’s a statement on the website of Maglio’s law firm, Maglio Christopher & Toale, that is likely deeply disheartening to many victims of covid-19 ‘vaccine’ injury, “We have concluded that there is nothing our attorneys can do to help you in filing a claim in the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.”

When both the top law firm dealing with the US “vaccine court” and Reuters agree there is a “black hole” for covid-19 vaccine injury claims, to use Reuters’ own words, that means the main players, not just those dishevelled conspiracy theorist types, recognise the system has been manipulated to work against the public interest. More to the point, to favour a protected class – the people who profit from making these new “vaccine” technologies that are being trialled on humans as if they were experimental guinea pigs. While making it ever harder for those injured to be compensated for the damage that can be guaranteed to occur.

As disgusting as that is, it’s also just the stuff that causes people to say, “you know what; I’m going to stop buying into the stuff those health authorities are feeding us, including the fact they’re claiming that covid-19 vaccines are safe.” They wonder why we distrust governments and why politics in many countries has become something of a circus.

Let’s go legal, but ANH needs your support

Verkerk argues that it’s the continued pronouncement by health authorities that covid-19 vaccines are safe that causes so many to continue to roll up their sleeves, in the mistaken belief that what they’re told must be true.

Preventing health authorities from doing this could save many lives going forward. Alliance for Natural Health (“ANH”) have been talking with various players in the UK and USA about a joint action on either side of the Atlantic that aims to challenge this.

The only thing in the way of progressing this legal initiative is funding. ANH would dearly like to speak to anyone who might be able to provide significant funding towards a consortium of lawyers and scientists of which they are part, to take on this challenge.

Please email ANH at info@anhinternational.org (with the subject ‘covid challenge’) if you think you might be able to financially support such an initiative.

This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of The Alliance for Natural Health International.  The above is a section titled ‘Cracks in the narrative’ taken from a more comprehensive article written by Rob Verkerk and published on 27 October 2022: The narrative around the safety of covid shots is cracking © 2022 Alliance for Natural Health International.

About the Author

Rob Verkerk, PhD, is the founder of Alliance for Natural Health, a UK-based organisation which promotes and protects our right to natural health.  He has masters and doctorate degrees from Imperial College London, where he also worked as a postdoctoral research fellow.  He has directed legal actions to protect the right to natural health and has campaigned on diverse issues including against toxins in the food supply, in drinking water and in the environment, as well as against genetically modified foods, gene editing and transhumanism.

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