Col Macgregor/Judge Napolitano

8 November 2022

Col Macgregor discussing Jake Sullivan’s reported recent communication with the Kremlin, which was also discussed by Alexander Mercouris. Since Alexander discussed it, Zelensky has made a statement as seemingly requested of him by Sullivan, but it remains unmoving. Col Macgregor also points out that over the weekend there have been public demonstrations against continuing this war in Romania; and American troops travelling from their training camps in Poland were not allowed to use a route which crossed through Hungary, so had to go through Moldova. He also points out that Surovikin has said Russia will not allow Ukraine to become another Syria, partitioned into sections. The ground is not yet frozen in Ukraine, but the Russians are assembling on three fronts in preparation for the colder weather and better conditions.  Col Macgregor does not expect the election to make much difference since the new Congress will not convene until January.