Chinese protesting ‘strict’ covid policies beaten and burned alive

The breaking point.

Zero covid strategy

Protests in #China are spontaneous and spreading like wildfire.

The #CommunistParty appears dazed and for the moment does not know how to react. If popular anger does not subside soon, expect the #CCP to use massive force.

This is how tyrants locked residents in the building.


The horrific fire in Urumqi where residents burned alive under CCP’s terror lockdowns.

People Locked In China’s Quarantine Camps

Chinese government is simultaneously building hundreds of quarantine camps. This new one is designed to detain 48,000 people.

They simply flip a switch to remotely turn your covid passport to code red, then you need to do your time in a quarantine camp and pay for it.

China: One horror after another

The people need to take daily routine COVID PCR test in quarantine camps in China and pay for it.

If you miss your mandatory COVID test two or more times in China, your COVID passports will automatically be switched to code red. Then you need to do your time in a quarantine camp and pay for it.

CHINA – 100 million people now back in lockdown, QR codes turned red by the State to prevent any movement, unless it’s to be transported to one of thousands of quarantine camps they have built, like this one.

Shocking protests are a huge challenge for China’s leaders

During Saturday night’s protest in the city people were heard openly shouting slogans such as “Xi Jinping, step down” and “Communist party, step down”.

The government appears to have drastically underestimated growing discontent towards the zero-Covid approach, a policy inextricably linked to President Xi who recently pledged there would be no swerving from it.

Zero covid policy based on PCR fraud

Drosten is the man behind the global PCR political ponzi scheme.

In 2014, Drosten said of this PCR test method: “The method is so sensitive that it can detect a single hereditary molecule of this virus. If such a pathogen, for example, flits across a nurse’s nasal mucosa for a day without her getting sick or noticing anything else, she is suddenly a MERS case. Where previously, people at death’s door were reported, now mild cases and even people without symptoms are suddenly included in the reporting statistics. This could also explain the explosion in the number of cases in Saudi Arabia. On top of this, the local media have made an incredible fuss about it.”

His quote accurately reflected the current corona situation. In conclusion:

Fatal mispredictions, numerous unexplained inconsistencies regarding his doctoral thesis, a hastily developed “SARS-CoV-2 PCR test” with fundamental scientific flaws, and an unsuspected quagmire of financial entanglements, deprive Christian Drosten of any credibility.

Grand Jury Day 3 PCR: Collusion, deception, fraud

07:00 to 30:00 mins

Consent withdrawal

The more people who acknowledge this world coup d’état and push back, the more vulnerable globalists become.

If Xi Jinping steps down, globalists will likely replace him with another tyrant unless the majority of Chinese people withdraw consent to covid restrictions, and the majority of people world-wide withdraw consent also, then we have a chance to pull back from the brink and press the ‘refresh’ button on life, liberty and lasting peace.