One Response to “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Is Responsible for Mass Murder”

  1. ian says:

    Yes She knew it. Matt Hancock did too. Many of them are complicit in mass murder, just as Winston Churchill was. I sound jaded. It’s with good reason. Nothing will happen to them. The next big event will distract attention from this. Whether it’s the bank crash, a health worker’s strike, power black outs, more lockdowns, etc etc.

    Perhaps my Asperger personality’s kicking in. I like clear cut, and struggle with grey wishy washy, yet it seems to be the main media output just now. It’s all relative too. Articles that normally would have wow factor, are just one amongst a sea of awful happenings. I’d like to see Walensky et al lined up for the gallows, but more likely, her smiling picture will be above us when we are.