2 Responses to “Cars CAN run on water…..1000+ miles per tank – old video and text”

  1. ian says:

    Can you imagine how much this could have cost the big guys?? There was nothing surer than his death. He could have kept it for himself, but he was really naive to think that he could shut down the Petro Chemical industry overnight.

  2. julianj says:

    FWIW I did meet another leading ‘water powered car’ innovator, in Australia in 2009. When I visited him he was desalinating water – with tiny electric charges – (a technology with similar scale of benefits to water powered cars). He totally convinced me …

    What may be significant here (and also applied to Stan Meyer) … was a strong theological component to this work.

    I think this may be a key aspect here; basically how reciprocity works out … it seems to be important for safe food production, and also applies in some ways to renewables.