Canada – Dr Makis; Now Teachers and Children are Dying

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Dr Makis says Canadian doctors are some of the most injected; some have had 5 or 6 shots to keep their jobs; this is resulting in the large humber of deaths in their profession. However, it is not only paramedics, nurses, and doctors, but now teachers are contacting him. They tell him that the children can not concentrate after having the jab.

Dr. William Makis tells us about a case where a 2nd Grade student and a 30 year old teacher have died suddenly.

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One Response to “Canada – Dr Makis; Now Teachers and Children are Dying”

  1. raymond says:

    Of course, this is horrific. But how long will it take to reach a tilting point where remaining people remove the Fascist overlords?
    Grow some Canucks!! Less bleating and more bloody revolution please.